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WORLDmag.com's Top 25 for 2011

2011 News of the Year | A ranking of the 25 most popular articles on WORLD's website from the past year

1. Christian boy meets Christian girl

COVER STORY | Christians are not like the world when it comes to dating and courtship. But in-depth interviews reveal a lot of confusion and anxiety among God's young men and women when it comes to forming relationships and finding a spouse | Susan Olasky | June 4 issue

2. Brutal beheading

AFGHANISTAN | Afghan terror advances ahead of President Obama's pullout plan | Mindy Belz | June 22 Web Extra

3. Books of the Year

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COVER STORY | Two new books are important responses to the rapidly growing promotion of theistic- or, more properly, deistic-evolution | Marvin Olasky | July 2 issue

4. 2011 Daniel of the Year

COVER STORY | Alan Chambers: Change we can believe in | Jamie Dean | December 17 issue

5. Refocused

Q&A | As marriage crumbles, says Focus on the Family's Jim Daly, Christians can try to uphold the biblical family as a model to the world | Marvin Olasky | June 4 issue

6. Beck, Jesus, and me

VOICES | Should man rule himself? The Bible says no | Marvin Olasky | March 26 issue

7. Couples in community

RELATIONSHIPS | In the midst of dating confusion and fairy-tale delusions, some churches are pointing to a better way | Susan Olasky | June 18 issue

8. Life or death

COVER STORY | With international adoptions harder and harder to process and a slowdown in Ethiopia, the second-largest source of hope for American parents wanting to adopt overseas, the outcome can be heartbreak, or worse | Jamie Dean | July 30 issue

9. Static on the airwaves

DISPATCHES | Christian radio tycoon says the world will end May 21-and surprising numbers believe him | Paul Glader and Elbert Chu | May 21 issue

10. Mad mom

BOOKS | 'Tiger mother' Amy Chua turns a good thing, childhood success, into an idol | Susan Olasky | February 26 issue

11. Justine's story

ABORTION | On the 23rd anniversary of her abortion, Justine Kyker warns others of side effects and regrets | Joel Hannahs | September 1 Web Extra

12. Liberal 'love'

RELIGION | With Love Wins, Rob Bell and HarperCollins win. Does Christianity? | Timothy Dalrymple | April 9 issue

13. A god of our age

COVER STORY | Who was Steve Jobs? A revered technology pioneer and a relentless innovator, the Apple founder remained in many ways a mystery | Marvin Olasky | October 22 issue

14. A man's world

COVER STORY SIDEBAR | The sexual economics of college campuses empower men at the expense of women | Marvin Olasky | June 4 issue

15. Getting grace

LIFESTYLE | Obedience is important, author says, but homeschoolers should not let rules obscure the gospel | Susan Olasky | November 5 issue

16. Holding translators accountable

RELIGION | Wycliffe Bible Translators agrees to new standards in debate over contextualizing Scripture for Muslim settings | Emily Belz | October 8 issue

17. Another new NIV?

VOICES | But the Walter Cronkite of Bibles is dead | Marvin Olasky | January 1 issue

18. A visual prayer

MOVIES | The sights and sounds of The Tree of Life offer a theater experience like no other | Rebecca Cusey | May 25 Web Extra

19. Sharp eyes

MOVIES | October Baby is the product of Christian filmmakers who have honed their craft | Megan Basham | December 3 issue

20. Take a stand against Rand

VOICES | The religious left finds a real wedge issue | Marvin Olasky | July 16 issue

21. Dramatic swings

SPORTS | Amid tragedy, Josh Hamilton has offered hope born of grace | Mark Bergin | July 30 issue

22. 'Ring of fire'

DISASTER | Rescue workers and aid groups rush to help victims of Japan's worst earthquake on record | Jamie Dean | March 11 Web Extra

23. 'Justice has been done'

TERRORISM | President Obama announces the assassination of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan | Mindy Belz | May 2 Web Extra

24. Inside out

RELIGION | Missions, agencies and churches wrestle with controversial Muslim friendly translations of the Bible and fallout from 'insider movement' tactics | Emily Belz | May 7 issue

25. It's not about the dream

ENTERTAINMENT | VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer turns to a jellyfish for new inspiration, new ventures, and a new way of doing business | Megan Basham | September 24 issue


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