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Issue: "2011 News of the Year," Dec. 31, 2011

"Time to go pro"

(Oct. 22) I must disagree with your suggestions for the Kendrick brothers in your review of Courageous. It was the best movie I've seen in a long time. They shouldn't change a thing. Hollywood producers and actors will only water down their message that offers, to people desperately hungry for a portrayal of real life, hope and answers in Christ.
Nathan Luibrand; Stevensville, Mont.

"Battling class envy"

(Oct. 22) Thank you to Marvin Olasky for a beautiful personal testimony. It was a real lift for my day.
James Lee; Bakersfield, Calif.

"The Smiths and the Browns"

(Oct. 22) This column was great advice. These types of insight, easy to understand and grounded in truth, really help the children of God.
Daniel Arbeeny; Brooklyn, N.Y.

Great column! My variation on the theme would tell of a two-income couple that forgoes their dream home and gets a mortgage based on his income alone. After two years, when they've paid back the down payment they borrowed from their parents, she leaves her job to take on a new one: raising a family in their affordable home. That is riches reaped.
Joanne Hamilton; Rockville, Md.

I had my 11- and 9-year-old sons read "The Smiths and the Browns." It definitely drove "home" the point that good financial sense can't start too soon.
Lauren McFall; Mountville, Pa.

"No turning back"

(Oct. 22) I remember the Scott and Janet Willis accident so clearly, as it occurred just miles from my home. It shook me. Like their oldest child who died, my oldest was 13 at the time. I kept putting myself in their shoes. I couldn't imagine visiting my 13-year-old in the hospital knowing that he was about to die, then leaving him there and going back to my hospital room in a different hospital. I remember people speculating that their facade of calmness would soon crumble and they would be devastated. But no, they walked in faith.
Tomi Fay Forbes; Cedarburg, Wis.

"Sound and fury"

(Oct. 22) This article shows how Muslims are making slight and slow inroads into culture and law, seeking to have special rights others do not have. That is not just happening in Europe and Canada but also beginning to happen here in the U.S.
Neil Johnston; Grand Prairie, Texas

"Confidence game"

(Oct. 8) Joel Belz's column about the problems in the White House is right on! We are truly caught up in a real-life tragicomedy. I have to be reminded at times that the hands of the Director are not shortened nor is His ear deaf that He cannot hear our cries for mercy and help.
Keith Heck; Grants Pass, Ore.


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