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Issue: "2011 News of the Year," Dec. 31, 2011

"Food stamps surge"

(Nov. 19) Thank you for the eye-opening article on food stamps. I think the focus on the "participation rate" is a distraction. I do not think there is anything wrong with legally taking advantage of government benefits. The focus should be on setting eligibility requirements at an appropriate level to limit the number of people who qualify. Let's elect leaders who understand economic forces and have the moral spine to set reasonable participation requirements.
Gary Gaskins; Asheboro, N.C.

If so many people are on food stamps and the rest pay taxes to support the program, then what you have is a giant wealth redistribution system. When people become dependent on the government for food (or for anything else) then the government can more easily control people.
Wayne Bennett; Marble Falls, Texas

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I felt a painful pressure in my chest when I read of state governments herding foolish individuals into dependence on government aid. Instead of occupying Wall Street to ask government to give me what hard workers have earned, my plan is to "occupy" my desk for the next five years and obtain an education for a career.
Hannah Reem, 16; Hilton, N.Y.

"Punching paper walls"

(Nov. 19) Why shouldn't someone give in to the Obama administration's attempt to get more people onto welfare? The Bible makes clear that God hates laziness. And folks can get jobs in this economy, only not the exact jobs they want. Over 18 months after I left college I have yet to find a job in my field, so to get by I'm working three low-paying service jobs and my wife works two. It's not what we want to do forever, but it is better to obey God and work hard rather than take handouts and face His displeasure.
Joshua Burba; Nashville, Tenn.

"A time for choosing"

(Nov. 19) I am willing to cut my Social Security check by 25 percent, but only if every federal employee (except uniformed military) from the president on down accepts the same cut. The national debt is increasing by more than $1 trillion per year. How is reducing our deficit by $1.2 trillion over 10 years (an average of $120 billion per year) going to get us out of debt?
Richard Bellinger; Brookneal, Va.

"Eyes to see, ears to hear"

(Nov. 19) As WORLD transitions to its new multi-media platform, with "The World and Everything In It" eventually competing with NPR's "All Things Considered" over the airwaves, you might take advantage of the NPR's reputation for left-leaning coverage by pointing out that you would offer coverage of "All things considered rightly."
Tom Burley; Alto, Mich.


(Nov. 19) I am a 13-year-old homeschooler. We have been receiving your magazine for a while now and have enjoyed it. Thank you for making it kid-friendly. My favorite section has the movie reviews. It really helps our family know whether the movies are worth seeing.
Judah Clark; Caldwell, Texas

"Quit worrying"

(Nov. 5) I am joining the "quit worrying" campaign with Andrée Seu and her son. I too am throwing out my "worry beads."
Kelly Summers; San Antonio, Texas

Thanks for Seu's eloquent portrayal of her personal day-to-day grappling with worry. This scores a direct hit on my normal approach to life's puzzles and apprehension of those yet to be revealed.
Gary Rix; Bartlesville, Okla.

This column pricked my conscience and I vowed to do better. I put down the magazine and went outside to enjoy the breeze, sip my coffee, and wait for my daughter. But a few minutes later I heard a siren in the distance and I conjured up connections with the fact that my daughter was two minutes late. Then I remembered the column and the Father's charge to me.
Debra Tolar; Gainesville, Fla.

"Not finished yet"

(Nov. 5) The recognition you gave to non-government-funded charities with your Hope Awards is well-deserved. They work hard and operate on tight budgets to benefit their communities. I hope you will continue to provide these great organizations with these awards.
Kaitlin Terschak; Wildwood, Mo.

"Defining the 'test' clause"

(Nov. 5) Joel Belz is correct regarding the religious test in the Constitution. It exists so that there can be no bar to serve based on belief, but the electorate is free to form its own opinions. I believe that Mormonism's most salient failing is its utter lack of historicity. But should Mitt Romney win the GOP nomination he should not be discounted because of his faith. He will probably be a better alternative than our current president.
Gary B. King; Lake City, Fla.


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