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Issue: "2011 Daniel of the Year," Dec. 17, 2011

"Turning inward"

(Nov. 5) This article does not take into account that many believers today give outside of their local churches. Those who give to missions and other good organizations usually do so as part of their "tithe," not on top of it. Churches are facing financial hardship and must spend more money on themselves-is that a sign of "turning inward" when so many of her members give to the Lord's work outside the local church?
Dean Cernek; Falcon, Colo.

I appreciate Tim Dalrymple's intent to address the problem of mainline churches turning inward with their limited giving, but would point out that it is impossible to "tithe" 2.38 percent of your income. To tithe is to give a tenth of our increase to the Lord as a covenant response to God's faithful provision.
Benjamin C. Davis; Springfield, Mo.

"DeMint's prescription"

(Nov. 5) Marvin Olasky asked Sen. DeMint, "When the GOP had a majority in both houses, why was there no healthcare reform?" What we had before Obamacare was the best the free market can do in a culture that wants "free" healthcare paid for by somebody else. The only way to fix the healthcare system is to remove the third-party payers (aka "health insurance") from the equation so that market forces can work again.
Tom Pittman; Bolivar, Mo.

"Sound and fury"

(Oct. 22) In your article about several Muslims convicted of criminal charges for disrupting a speech by the Israeli ambassador, one protester's father commented that he brought his family to America for peace, freedom of speech, dignity, and honor. Apparently he thought his son's right to freedom of speech outweighed the rights of 700 people to hear the speech. There are rights and responsibilities in this country, which is what makes it great.
Linda Decker; Ely, Nev.

"No laughing matter"

(Nov. 5) I have enjoyed cartoonist Gary Varvel's work, and it was good to learn more about him. I am always amazed at how God's people are positioned in every important arena.
Al Shirah; Big Canoe, Ga.

"No turning back"

(Oct. 22) What a contrast in one issue: Steve Jobs ("A god of our age," Oct. 22) and Scott and Janet Willis, whose six children were killed in an accident. I know who has the better testimony.
Gregory A. Donovan; Quarryville, Pa.

I very much appreciated Andrée Seu's column. I'm 31 years old and since the age of 15 have battled ulcerative colitis. I've had 12 surgeries and lost my entire large intestine to the disease. Some days feel like I'm a hostage in my own home due to my illness. However, the testimony of the Willis family has been so humbling and inspiring. I now feel joy that I've never known in all my years of battling my illness. I hope that I will always be able to say, "I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth."
Lori Hewlett ; Huntsville, Ala.

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