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Issue: "2011 Daniel of the Year," Dec. 17, 2011

"Their future is now"

(Nov. 5) What a timely cover story. The vivid description Mindy Belz gives us of the young Afghan Hameed could have been written about young people in many other parts of the world. The rapidly expanding and coalescing global youth culture, whose members see themselves as having more in common with each other than with their parents' culture, blurs the geographic boundaries that divided previous generations. This is a historic opportunity for the church.
Jonathan Taylor; York, S.C.

The future of Afghanistan will be dismal if the Afghan people depend on the American and NATO military forces to do the job for them. If the Afghan people truly want a Taliban-free country, they have to get into the fight or the Taliban will return as soon as the foreigners leave.
Elizabeth Kerr; Ontario, Calif.

"A better exit strategy"

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(Nov. 5) I appreciated this column. Mindy Belz is right there among them. We don't get this in the mainline news.
Jim Greeley; Catonsville, Md.

"Getting grace"

(Nov. 5) What a beautifully crafted article truly revealing our Father's heart of mercy and grace to undeserving sinners. For too many Christians grace is little more than a prayer we chant before receiving a meal. Grace is not a theology or just a church doctrine. Grace is a person, and His name is Jesus-this is the heart of the gospel.
Frank Stephens; Shingle Springs, Calif.

This article was right on. As a homeschooling family, we feel the pressure to "do it all right" and joined a church of homeschooling, modestly dressing, and well-intentioned people all trying to do the same. We quickly realized that many there thought they had found the magic formula. No surprise that subtle legalism and self-righteousness were seeping in.
Alicia Taylor; Houston, Texas

I am encouraged by Elyse Fitzpatrick's epiphany of grace. However, if one of my children slapped another child, he would simply get a spanking he would never forget.
Bradford Winship; Laurence Harbor, N.J.

Susan Olasky's article on homeschooling was excellent. Keep preparing these Christ-centered articles.
David Junker; Mitoyo, Japan

"Male call"

(Nov. 5) I know firsthand what effects irresponsibility has on a family. I grew up without a father in the home, and as I grew older I started looking to these kinds of men for affirmation. I learned that we as women need to set the standard higher in order to help men have higher standards. They do not have to pursue us if we hand ourselves over.
Jenna Steigleder; Sandy, Ore.

"Defining the 'test' clause"

(Nov. 5) The facts that Mormons may be secretive about some of their ideas and practices, and that some of their places are out of bounds for non-Mormons, piques my curiosity but doesn't particularly bother me. In some instances (e.g., a Muslim who is wobbly on Sharia law), there may be legitimate concerns about a candidate's religious convictions. But I think that candidates for public office should be judged for their stands on public issues.
Al Vander Hart; Jesup, Iowa

I think Mormonism is a cult for all kinds of reasons, but I also believe that Mitt Romney has all of my values, both fiscal and social, so I hope he defeats President Obama. If Romney wins, Mormonism will be uplifted, but that bothers me a lot less than having a left-wing Democrat in the White House.
Andrew Engelman; Stuart, Fla.

"Quit worrying"

(Nov. 5) Thanks to Andrée Seu for her transparency about worrying. It is strange how it is more encouraging to read someone who is honest about her weaknesses than someone who pretends to have none.
Leland Olson; Minneapolis, Minn.

I consider myself a world champion worrier but took some comfort from Seu's description of her own affliction. Her observation, "It's the hypothetical you overlook that will kill you," made me smile.
Dennis Pfleger; Detroit, Mich.

"No solutions"

(Nov. 5) Thank you for your thoughtful reporting on the Zuccotti Park protesters. I run a small business that, by God's kindness and our hard-working team, has had three consecutive years of sales growth despite difficult economic circumstances. My CFO tells me that last year, over 60 percent of our company's income went to pay taxes: federal taxes, state taxes, duties and tariffs, property taxes, and employment taxes, not to mention the taxes our employees pay. How much is enough? How do I invest in products, people, and promotional activity when two-thirds of every dollar is appropriated by the government? Demonizing those in a position to offer their fellow citizens employment seems a poor solution to our "deep" problems.
Michael Kane; Portland, Ore.


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