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Issue: "Food stamps surge," Nov. 19, 2011

Law abiders

Despite widespread coverage of comments made by the Los Angeles Police Commissioner saying that paying Los Angeles County's red light camera tickets was optional, about two-thirds of drivers who received the tickets by mail still paid their fines. At a June 7 city meeting, Commissioner Alan J. Skobin admitted, "What we have here is truly a voluntary citation program. ... It's voluntary because there's no teeth in it and there's no enforcement mechanism." While an analysis performed by TheNewspaper.com revealed revenues for the red light camera program dropped by one-third following the revelations, county residents still forked over $6.4 million from May through September.

Lasting Accord

According to Joe LoCicero, his 1990 Honda Accord is finally starting to show signs of age. "If you listen carefully, she's getting old," LoCicero told the Kennebec (Maine) Journal. "But it's been an amazing ride." Amazing because, according to Honda Motor Company, LoCicero's light blue Accord is the first Honda to surpass the 1 million mile mark on the odometer. LoCicero, a trained auto mechanic, credits routine maintenance with keeping his Honda rolling. The automaker, which said LoCicero's Accord is the first confirmed 1-million-mile car, awarded the Mainer with a brand-new 2012 Accord during a parade on Oct. 23.


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