Minority report

"Minority report" Continued...

Issue: "Border bandits," Dec. 3, 2011

Libya's NTC has an enormous task ahead. Tribal and ethnic conflicts mixed with decades of autocratic rule have brought the country to a precarious position. Those with weapons are using them to take back lost property rather than wait for a new government to bring about justice. Others are using their power to seek revenge, making the instant "order" of Islamic law all the more attractive.

Gerbi says he's not giving up and plans to continue working for a position in the NTC: "If people don't like me, I don't care." Jack David is less optimistic: "There was never any reason to believe that post-Qaddafi Libya would be a more hospitable place for Christians and Jews or a friendly country to the United States than the Qaddafi Libya was." With interim leadership appointed and elections promised in eight months, Libyans can hope for an opportunity to decide the destiny of their country-and the minorities within their borders.


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