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Issue: "Border bandits," Dec. 3, 2011

My six children were aged 3-14 at the time of the accident that claimed the lives of the Willis children. I felt their pain and wondered how I would hold up under such a test, so I prayed fervently for them that their faith would remain strong. I am so glad to hear that they are using their trial to strengthen the brethren.
Kathy Hahn; Claremore, Okla.

"Pastors and politics"

(Oct. 22) Tim Dalrymple's warning is a little bit late for our church; we have suffered a split over how to counter the current political trend. In our case we did not realize that we had any political disagreements. Congregations need to be informed about the biblical design for the "civil magistrate."
Gary Lindberg; Olathe, Colo.

As a pastor, I encourage my congregation to be informed on candidates and issues and to vote with a biblical worldview. However, we must remember that the primary task of the church is spiritual, not political. The best way to ensure that Christians vote with a biblical worldview is to build them up in the faith, knowing the truths of God's Word and applying it in every facet of life.
Frank Nolton; Woodbridge, Calif.

"Off the farm"

(Oct. 22) Your story described the plight of Alabama farmers who, after the state's tough immigration law passed, suddenly had no help to harvest their crops. This seems like a strange problem considering Alabama's unemployment rate. It suggests that the unemployed decided to continue collecting unemployment rather than do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.
Bill Clayton; Falls Church, Va.

"Following the yellow brick road"

(Oct. 22) Our local (and somewhat liberal) newspaper repeatedly denounces the pro-life and fiscally responsible decisions that Gov. Brownback of Kansas has made over the past year. That makes Angela Lu's article all the more encouraging. I appreciate what Gov. Brownback is doing for my state.
Ezekiel J. Willcox; Hutchinson, Kan.

"Obsessed with liberty"

(Oct. 8) As a patriot who loves the freedom and liberty guaranteed by the Constitution, I say we should be more than obsessed with our God-ordained rights-we should be ready to defend them at all costs. Thank you to Alan Sears of the Alliance Defense Fund for fighting the good fight.
Todd Taylor; Eastvale, Calif.

"Confidence game"

(Oct. 8) Joel Belz finally ended WORLD's overly diplomatic tone in describing the real Barack Obama. The stage was set almost 50 years ago for a statist such as Obama with Supreme Court decisions concerning school prayer, the Ten Commandments in classrooms, and abortion. Obama is merely continuing the process toward centralized government and moral decay.
Jim Irish; North Augusta, S.C.


Cartoonist Gary Varvel was 21 when he needed an unemployment check, 24 when he was married, and 27 when his first child was born ("No laughing matter," Nov. 5, p. 57). He attends Bethesda Baptist Church in Brownsburg, Ind.

Bill Buckner's misplay of a ground ball in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series allowed only one run to score ("Penultimate greatness, Nov. 19).

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