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Issue: "Border bandits," Dec. 3, 2011

"A god of our age"

(Oct. 22) Thank you for not canonizing Steve Jobs, as many other media have. He was an incredible innovator, his ideas were almost always cutting edge, and I was pleased to hear that he was married for 20 years to the same woman. But let's keep his achievements in proper perspective.
Larry White; Lakewood, Ohio

Steve Jobs had great insight into our society's future, and his standard of excellence inspires us. But it is also clear that this "visionary" had no insight into the truths of God nor into the most important future of all: the eternal state of man's soul.
Kristofer Sandlund; Zanesville, Ohio

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As we ponder a world without Jobs, let us recognize his mother, a single woman and a college student who placed him for adoption. She could have had an abortion and no one would have known what the world had missed. We can add Steve Jobs to the list of children whose unseen, heroic mother gave us an amazing human being.
Connie Cox; Pleasanton, Calif.

"The Smiths and the Browns"

(Oct. 22) Your "buy small, upgrade later" house-buying recommendation ignored some crucial factors, such as inflation and the expenses of selling one home to upgrade to another. You also used an atypical mortgage interest rate (7 percent). When I factor in a modest increase in housing value, a 5 percent mortgage, realtor fees, and $4,000 in closing costs, the couple who buys the cheap house first would take three months longer to pay off their mortgage than the couple who buys the more expensive house and stays put. Maybe I'll encourage my kids to consider the nicer neighborhood after all.
Missy Fox; Raleigh, N.C.

My wife and I have been married for a little over a year and we're saving up for a down-payment on a house. Your column was a blessing to us and a reminder to persevere on the financially conservative road of stewardship. It also reminded us that saying yes to a more expensive house means saying no to tithing more and being more generous to others.
Joshua Abel; Ludlow, Mass.

"Candidate Cain"

(Oct. 22) What a disappointment! Herman Cain's answer to your question about what difference it makes whether a person believes in evolution or creation was, "None. ... I don't think that's relevant to turning this economy around and protecting this nation." Without a firm belief in the God of Scripture and the creation story, man is set loose to make his own moral judgments, leading to unwise choices that bring ruin to our economy and undermine the safety of our nation.
Mary Glaesman; Fallon, Nev.

"Time to go pro"

(Oct. 22) I'm simply baffled, and a bit irritated, by your review of the movie Courageous. You presumed that Hollywood can "help" the Kendricks, but going Hollywood on anything Christian could jeopardize the message. And we wonder why Christian artists cross over to pop and how a secular company ended up with VeggieTales.
John Reale; Roanoke, Va.

I thought the movie was very good, but I did not like going into a Christian bookstore to find books, studies, desk calendars, and framed certificates all in the name of Courageous. I find it very sad how quickly we can find a way to change the ministry of Jesus into the business of Jesus.
Anthony Brooks; Leesburg, Ga.

"Battling class envy"

(Oct. 22) Many thanks to Marvin Olasky for addressing not only the root cause of class envy and the solution for it but for his honesty in describing the struggle he had with this particular sin. Probably very few of us have not struggled with this sin in some form. It is not how much or how little we have but how we use what we have to bring good to others. Class envy is a sure sign of an ungrateful heart.
Olivia Williams; Montgomery, Ala.

My sisters and I are much like Olasky's aunts and mother. I married a wonderful Christian man (seriously, this guy is awesome) who struggles every day to provide for me and our five children, but I would never change a thing. If only people could grasp the truth that our security is in God, not a 401(k) account.
Lorraine Fuerst; Pleasant Valley, N.Y.

"No turning back"

(Oct. 22) This column is spot-on. I could relate to the Willises because in 2010 my older daughter went home at age 53 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Her mother and I stayed with her and her husband during the last months of her life. During that time I experienced daily God's presence, power, love, grace, and peace more powerfully than ever before in my life.
Paul Zierk; Blue Hill, Maine


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