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Issue: "Food stamps surge," Nov. 19, 2011

"The Palestinian blunder"

(Oct. 8) Mindy Belz's take on "The Palestinian blunder" reminded me of why we value this magazine so highly. Nowhere else have we read such profound, clear, and concise explanations of the real background of major events in our wounded world.
Bill Swenson; St. Louis, Mo.

"A dream deferred"

(Oct. 8) I'm grateful for this thoughtful and balanced article on the challenges facing young people brought illegally to the United States by their parents. I used to believe that illegal immigrants should go back, wait their turn, and come back legally, but after becoming an immigration counselor I've learned that there usually is no legal way for immigrants to come and no line to wait in. We need comprehensive immigration reform, making it harder to enter unlawfully but easier to enter lawfully, and giving those like Carlos the chance to earn the right to stay in the United States.
Matthew Soerens; Wheaton, Ill.

Houses of God

(Oct. 8) Thanks for choosing my father's church, the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, for your Oct. 8 feature. It might interest your readers to know that the huge blue dome that spans the building is not attached to the building but rests on ball bearings in a track that extends around the perimeter.
Koula Hazell; Durant, Okla.

"Loving their enemies"

(Oct. 8) Thank you for this article on the work of Shevet Achim. I found it very uplifting. Living in Israel, I completely agree with Miles' conclusion that the New Testament is the only possible peace treaty and that "the conflict in the Middle East is spiritual at its core."
Judy Pex; Eilat, Israel

"The red (state) scare"

(Sept. 24) This column described McCarthyism as associated with a "paranoid style," but as Paul Kengor pointed out in Dupes: How America's Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century, during much of that era, anti-communist investigations were led by Democrats as vigorously as by Republicans. The opening of Soviet archives after the dissolution of the USSR and the release of the Venona transcripts demonstrated that much of the 1940s-1950s "red scare" was well-founded.
Paul Bellamy; Woodland Hills, Calif.

"A place forgotten"

(Sept. 10) Thanks for the 9/11 anniversary issue. As I read about the passengers on United Flight 93, I was moved to tears. It was about real people and real lives, and the photos-it was almost more than I could process, but I'm glad I tried. Thank you for remembering and, by doing so, honoring the thousands of ordinary people who died that day or whose lives have been forever altered.
Emily Boersma; North Royalton, Ohio


Minors in the United States illegally can be deported under current law-but that is not a priority for immigration officials ("A dream deferred," Oct. 8, p. 56).

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