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Vegas vitriol

"Vegas vitriol" Continued...

Perry twice delivered his message on energy policy and foreign aid with more clarity than previous debates. "We've got 300 years of resources right under our feet in this country," he said. Perry advocated for reducing foreign aid, and strongly urged "discussion" of defunding the United Nations. Paul would cut foreign aid across the board, while Bachmann differentiated that she would preserve Israel's aid.

Paul, Santorum, and Gingrich all hit applause lines on defense policy, despite disagreeing with each other. Santorum favors cutting not one penny from the federal government's "first duty," while Paul advocates bringing the troops home and shutting down the foreign military bases of an unaffordable empire. Gingrich said it is "suicidally stupid" to tie defense to an arbitrary budget, and got a laugh with his line: "I'm a hawk, but I'm a cheap hawk."

One GOP candidate was able to avoid the verbal sparring Tuesday night. Jon Huntsman boycotted the Nevada debate because he says the state has unfairly moved the date of its presidential caucuses, forcing New Hampshire to change the date of its traditional first-in-the-nation presidential primary.


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