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Issue: "Beyond the body count," Nov. 5, 2011

"Islam vs. liberty"

(Sept. 10) Marvin Olasky's crash course in comparative religion regarding the stark differences between the basic tenets of Christianity and Islam was probably the best I've ever seen. He clearly distinguished between their ideas of freedom. Thank you for putting this all into perspective. And thank God that He freed us "from this wretched body of sin" to have life to the full.
Raenel Mathews; Payson, Ariz.

The explanation of Islam's inability to recognize man's original sin and its position that Muslims can live a "moral life" based on Muhammad's plan was eye-opening for me. It was such a helpful explanation of why the Muslim heart is so difficult to reach with the gospel of Christ.
F. Alston; Dallas, Texas

"Where is our treasure?"

(Sept. 10) While I greatly appreciate Marvin Olasky calling attention to worldly thinking about retirement, the incompatibility of Social Security with biblical teaching extends much further, as exemplified by its forced redistribution of wealth. It was and is a government-imposed ponzi scheme.
Dennis E. Lebo; Carlisle, Pa.

I will try to remind myself tomorrow when my alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. and I wake from a less-than-stellar slumber (seems to go with aging) that this is more to be desired than "the emptiness and uselessness of retirement" that I "crave." Perhaps if I could switch with John Piper, doing his ministry and writing while he works my 40 hours at a wastewater treatment plant, he might be a bit more sympathetic.
Katy Landers; Wenatchee, Wash.

I have no quarrel with the article on retirement. However, taking early retirement has enabled many to be part of missionary endeavors such as building churches and the like. We were privileged to do the electrical work and assist in building cabins for a Bible camp for parts of 16 years.
David Hoff; Barron, Wis.


(Sept. 10) As the owner of an iPod that contains Newsboys, Nightnoise, Nightwish, and Novaspace, and where Madonna co-exists with Mozart, Moby, and Morning Musume, I want to say that I really enjoy Arsenio Orteza's music reviews. Clearly he loves many different kinds of music, and every one of his reviews is interesting to me.
Charles A. Burge; Kaneohe, Hawaii

"The new greatest generation"

(Sept. 10) Great job by Mindy Belz. Something about that piece was just several notches up. I smiled, I teared up, and I prayed for our young people.
Rich Loudon; Issaquah, Wash.

"Reclaiming an idea"

(Aug. 13) Going through my backlog of WORLDs, I ran across an earlier interview with Rick Santorum ("Don't forget Obamacare," Oct. 23, 2010). In that one piece he nailed so many things that happened in one year's time. Maybe it's time to move him into the main tier of candidates.
Koby Padgett; Columbia, S.C.


The McGarrys are renovating a home in Wellston but have not yet moved in. Keith Dorsey works with them as an apprentice ("Spirit of St. Louis," Sept. 24).

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