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Issue: "Steve Jobs 1955-2011," Oct. 22, 2011

"Islam vs. liberty"

(Sept. 10) This is the most lucid clarification I've read of the differences between Christianity and Islam regarding salvation and works, and it explains why freedom is troubling to Muslims. The choice is life eternal with God by works or by grace. I am in the grace camp.
Tom Balderston; Boca Raton, Fla.

Like many other critics of Islam, Marvin Olasky does not account for the fact that millions of Muslims live peacefully in the United States today. I understand the concern about "radical Islam," but too many allow the terrorists to define their view of a religion with over 1.3 billion adherents, all but a few of whom are innocent of bloodshed.
Nick Freiling; Fairfax, Va.

"Closing in September"

(Sept. 10) Joel Belz asked for an example of something that works better now than when we were younger. Would anyone want to go back to the decades of Hitler, or "separate but unequal," or runaway inflation? In my own lifetime I have seen many changes for the better. Polio is a rarity. Average life span is extended. Lakes and rivers are less polluted. Grocery stores carry far more choices. I can look at the glass as half-full or half-empty, or I can choose not to focus on the empty glass of the world and instead look to the full glass that is Jesus.
Joyce Schlote; Silverdale, Wash.

"Thousands left behind"

(Aug. 27) I read your article on No Child Left Behind with great interest. The same process is projected into adulthood. My required class for a real estate license taught me nothing about real estate activities, like negotiating, but only how to pass the exam. In this respect European systems, which often offer vocational training, have us beaten hands down. Why are programs of this nature not nationally available here? At least they allow the non-academically inclined to be self-sufficient.
William Darling; Longs, S.C.

"Not just kids' stuff"

(Aug. 27) May Joel Belz have the strength and sense of humor to get through his adventure. I speak as one who, two years ago, took my mother into our home to care for her. She has Alzheimer's disease and arthritis. Caring for mom has become a family ministry for us and involves some sacrifice, lots of work, and much wondering about how long we can do it. But God has given us what we need for each day.
Jay Smith; Lima, Ohio

"Sharpe words"

(Aug. 27) Shannon Sharpe missed a chance to follow in his grandmother's footsteps. Our children do not care about our careers, achievements, or what we can buy them; they simply want our time, attention, and genuine affection. His NFL achievements will soon be forgotten but his lack of attention to his family could impact many generations to come.
Todd Taylor; Eastvale, Calif.


William Bradford, who is buried in the cemetery at Trinity Church in New York (Houses of God, Sept. 10), was a printer born in 1660 who arrived in America in 1682.

The capital of Nigeria is Abuja ("What is Boko Haram?," Sept. 24).

Lane Hardie set up a job-help program at Central Presbyterian Church in St. Louis ("Spirit of St. Louis," Sept. 24).

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