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Issue: "Finding their way," Oct. 8, 2011

Partial justice

Already on trial for murder, the last thing suspect Derrick Smith of New York needed was a jury summons-unless, of course, it was a jury summons for his own murder trial. As the trial began on Sept. 13, Schenectady County Judge Richard Giardino joked that Smith enthusiastically volunteered to be on the jury, but the judge assured the courtroom that a substitute juror could be found.

Slide ride

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg probably thought she was done going down slides long ago. The 78-year-old justice is not only a grandmother but a two-time cancer survivor. But the justice had to use a Boeing 757's emergency slide when passengers on United Airlines Flight 586 evacuated shortly after boarding at Dulles International Airport on Sept. 14. The plane's pilots reported engine trouble before taxiing to the runway and all 185 passengers and crew had to use the plane's emergency slides to evacuate. Ginsberg wasn't the only federal employee to evacuate the plane: Acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank also had to get out of the San Francisco-bound flight.


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