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"Quick Takes" Continued...

Issue: "All tied up," Sept. 24, 2011

Your brain on drugs

A Port Richey, Fla., resident learned an elementary lesson in street life in August: When your drug dealer shortchanges you on a deal, sheriff's deputies aren't so interested in helping you get your change back. Donald M. Hughes told a sheriff's deputy that he was robbed by a woman who had taken a $20 bill from him but hadn't made change. According to official reports, Hughes paid Tammy Lucas $5 he owed her and purchased $5 worth of Xanax pills. When Lucas failed to give him his $10 change, he called authorities. Sheriff's officials in turn arrested Hughes and charged him with filing a false police report.

Animal crazy

Even many small and uncontroversial items don't make it through security at American airports, but an alleged smuggler in Miami apparently thought he could trick the TSA by stuffing seven exotic snakes and three tortoises into his pants. It didn't work. Security officials spotted the animals, which were stuffed into small bags, as the man went through airport security checkpoints on Aug. 25 before a scheduled trip to Brazil. Authorities did not identify the man.


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