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Issue: "Finding their way," Oct. 8, 2011

It is sad to see our parents getting older, but there are blessings that come from it. In today's society, we all need to stop, look, and listen to our parents, relatives, and their friends. We the church should be taking hold of this, not the government, but we have become so selfish I can see why the government would step in.
Brian T. Keating; Windsor, England

"Money, meet mouth" (Aug. 27)

This article detailed exactly why a Christian should never vote for Mitt Romney: He gives the vast majority of his charitable donations to the Mormon Church and Brigham Young University, both institutions well known for missionary zeal. I have no doubt that Romney would use his new stature as president to further the Mormon cause.
John T. "Tug" Miller; Saint George, Utah

As much as we appreciate your magazine, we were disappointed with "Money, meet mouth." While it may have accurately reported candidates' tax-deductible contributions, there is no way to know what they may have given off the record. God calls many of us to give anonymously or to causes that are not officially recognized as charities.
Toni Rhoads; Oscoda, Mich.

"Not dead yet" (Aug. 27)

The interview with Bradley Wright persuaded me that perhaps many of our evangelical churches have become infected with a disease usually associated with the media, namely, the "bad news sells" virus. Throughout church history there have been those who were convinced they were part of the last generation. Those who preach only gloom and doom are in danger of alienating people, denying history, and perhaps even denying the power of God.
Mike Carlson; Weeki Wachee, Fla.

I take issue with indicting doomsday evangelicals for concocting myths to support our theology. And Wright is wrong to paint a rosy picture while the economy is tanking, morals are in the toilet, Islam is declaring jihad, and socialism threatens our freedoms. Yes, science and technology have made vast improvements for humanity, but that hasn't slowed our sliding toward Armageddon.
Gary Karwoski; Stickney, Ill.

"A visitor's guide" (July 30)

For nine years, I was a prison inmate's wife. I went through all those things Andrée Seu mentioned and it was, every trip, a lesson in "can you follow the rules?" I would bring our three young sons on the two-hour trip to the prison, where we made sure we never stepped out of turn, had coins in a see-through purse, never pulled on a safety gate, and always arrived at the proper times. It was only 10 years ago, but it brought back the memories it should. We were all there for the same reason: to be families and receive "undivided attention."
Denise Harvey; Auburn, Calif.

"Can a Mormon be president?" (July 16)

I come down on the side of "yes, he can." Just because a person is a Christian is no guarantee that he'll make a good president or a good plumber, for that matter. If Romney is the Republican nominee, I hope Christians will support him.
Paul Stone; Dublin, Calif.

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