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Issue: "All tied up," Sept. 24, 2011

"Orebs and Zeebs" (Aug. 13)

My compliments on the column regarding the fleeting and worthless nature of notoriety and secular power. Where are Oreb and Zeeb today? Anyone who begins to feel a heightened sense of his or her own self-importance should watch the newspaper headlines and see how many celebrities wind up on the bottom of the birdcage.
Dick Brackett; Brentwood, Tenn.

"Ready or not" (Aug. 13)

Your article mentions seminars being held that "highlight how many unanswered questions remain-like what to do when a heterosexual soldier unwittingly gets assigned a homosexual roommate." Does anyone really think there will be segregation when there isn't any segregation even by gender today in the field?
Ronald Everett; North Olmsted, Ohio

"Out of the locker" (Aug. 13)

I'm glad that Michael Irvin found Christian faith, but now he needs to get a Bible and read it, a lot, and do it before making pronouncements about homosexuality.
Buddy Roberts; Columbia, Tenn.

"Growing up-and out" (Aug. 13)

Congratulations and thanks for your new podcast, The World and Everything In It. It will be a great addition to my regular lineup. I also just subscribed to the WORLD iPad app; it is yet another innovative way to receive the valuable information WORLD offers.
Bill Haughee; Niles, Mich.

"Chatter in the outfield" (Aug. 13)

We thoroughly enjoyed the well-written, insightful essay by Andrée Seu. She challenges her readers to exercise themselves spiritually in practical ways we had not considered, or needed to be reminded of.
Genie Ragin; Cumming, Ga.

"A visitor's guide" (July 30)

We regularly visit the son of one of our good friends at church currently incarcerated in a county jail. Our friend spends over 95 percent of his time looking at the ceiling, floor, or other inmates. For a few hours a week he gets to sit across the table from his daughters or his parents or his friends. If the guard looks the other way, we may even get to hold hands for a minute. If we are really blessed, we get to hold hands and pray before we leave. Those who think they couldn't handle going to jail to visit someone should sacrifice a few hours to sit down with someone and just let them know you care.
Larry Euton; Monroe, Ga.

"Can a Mormon be president?" (July 16)

I have lived around Mormons my whole life. They have been my teachers, my fellow students, and my co-workers. Their doctrine is wrong but they stress morality and a strong family life. We should accept them as our allies in the political realm. This column has prompted me to cancel my subscription.
Kathy Taylor; Peoria, Ariz.

Thank you for not side-stepping the issue of whether evangelicals are willing to support Mitt Romney for president. The essential issue with Romney is one of discernment and character, both his and the electorate's. Can I trust a man who already advertises that he lacks discernment by believing a cult's lies? Certainly not.
Martha Kasper; Alpharetta, Ga.


In a March congressional hearing, Rep. Peter Cravaack, R-Minn., challenged L.A. County Sheriff Leroy Baca to explain his cozy association with CAIR ("CAIR's cops, August 27").

Westminster Larger Catechism question 178 defines prayer ("Thousands left behind, August 27").

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