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Issue: "All tied up," Sept. 24, 2011

"Father of the Tea Party" (Aug. 13)

I was impressed with the recent article on Ron Paul. He came in second in a straw poll at a recent political conference I attended, and I was shocked at the number of people, including Christians, who support him. He comes off to me as saying that we have no responsibility to defend the oppressed or reach out, with common sense, to the suffering around the world.
Gloria Beidler; Sutherlin, Ore.

While I commend you for not writing a smear piece, you have focused more on Paul's unusual characteristics than on his principles. His positions derive from libertarianism. What Paul thinks is a good idea is a very different matter from what he thinks should be legal, and especially what should be decided by the federal government. The real question is not about what is good or moral but what the government must not allow to protect the rights of others.
Matt Evans; Fargo, N.D.

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Ron Paul is Washington's most consistent advocate for limited, decentralized government. Your attack on Paul confirms that Christians who love liberty must look elsewhere for political reporting. Please cancel my subscription.
Nathaniel Sheetz; Cranberry Township, Pa.

"Nursing grievances" (Aug. 13)

As a mother of seven children who were each breastfed over a year, I stand in awe of this perfect, God-designed way of nourishing a young life. Although the "flash" of a breast can seem indecent, mothers can learn to nurse their babies discreetly, modestly, and without giving offense.
Vera Jane Hursh; New Bloomfield, Pa.

I nursed my seven children for a total of over seven years in all kinds of public situations. Not once did someone offer a negative comment. However, not once did I unnecessarily expose my breasts to public view while nursing.
Beverly Parrish; Houston, Texas

Breastfeeding can be a time for a young mother to share an intimate time with her baby. Why would mothers give up such a beautiful time for the noise and hubbub of a mall? And "nurse-ins"? I know our times and culture have changed, but babies haven't.
Nancy K. Archer; St. Clairsville, Ohio

"Fetal attraction" (Aug. 13)

While reading this article I substituted "pre-born baby" for "fetal" and was left with an Orwellian sense of terror of what our civilization has become. The picture of wrapped "donated tissue," each package the size of a premature newborn, brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for pricking calloused areas of my heart. How dreadful that our babies are now considered to be worth more dead than alive!
Jan Parks; Birmingham, Ala.

"Made for each other" (Aug. 13)

Janie B. Cheaney's column about internet matchmaking made some very good critiques, but the internet does provide an opportunity for people longing for marital intimacy to meet. My best friend and I were both in healthy churches but we had a deep loneliness in our hearts and a shortage of assertive men in our churches. We both met our husbands through eHarmony. It is not perfect but the main thing, as you wonderfully explained, is to remain true to the promises made on the altar, however you got there.
Debbie Brotzge; Norman, Okla.

Thanks for the column about the online marriage mills. I've always put them at the bottom of the options list for Christian singles. I guess gone are the days of Bible colleges and career groups as the prime spousal hunting grounds.
Steve Burdan; Palatine, Ill.

"Multiple outcomes" (Aug. 13)

You're right. As Francis Schaeffer pointed out, once you let the nose of the camel in the tent, soon the whole animal is in. Polygamy advocates have tried the "civil rights" tactic, now it's "religious belief." The slope is getting steeper and more slippery.
Doris Heyns; Cape Coral, Fla.

"Famine fables" (Aug. 13)

Thank you for boldly telling the truth about the root cause of the persistent hunger in the horn of Africa: evil. Proverbs 16:6 says that by "lovingkindness and truth iniquity is atoned for." If we don't tell the truth about issues, we have no hope of solving them. The "experts" uncourageously skirt the truth of many important issues in our world today.
Tim Thiery; Goshen, Ind.

"Furler's fire" (Aug. 13)

I appreciated Arsenio Orteza's review of Peter Furler's CD On Fire. But where Orteza may have been turned off by Furler's cheerful songs and sunny optimism, I gave him full credit for getting me through a week stuck at home with bad poison ivy and its torturous itching. Singing of my Savior's goodness delivered me from my pity party and kept my eyes focused upward.
Joni Halpin; Allen, Texas


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