Loving their enemies

"Loving their enemies" Continued...

Issue: "Finding their way," Oct. 8, 2011

Kayser said even the doctors were amazed at Hezhan's transformation: "It wasn't just a physical healing. He had lived in fear his whole life and it was this amazing paradigm shift of having hope again. And to watch the gratitude pour from his parents' hearts toward the doctors and toward our staff here-they really became like family." On the day the hospital discharged Hezhan, his mother told Kayser that she had been waiting for that day since her son was born. Hezhan wanted to know when he could run.

Doctors at Wolfson Medical Center aren't paid for treating SACH patients. Coordinator Miles, who has worked with Shevet Achim since 1994, said of Israeli doctors like Tamir: "I'm amazed he's kept up the pace all these years of being on constant call for hundreds and hundreds of non-Israeli children he has helped. Most of us instead would be off doing our own thing or making money."

Shevet Achim's website (shevet.org) tells the inspiring stories of many more children helped through the joint effort of these programs. From 3-year-old Noor who traveled from war-torn Iraq to baby Jafar from Gaza, each child has a link full of pictures and heartfelt descriptions of staff interactions with the families and the medical progress of each child. "The only way a ministry like this is possible is through the only one who can supply peace, and that's Jesus," Kayser said. "He is the master cardiologist. He knows how to heal hearts in every way-physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Miles sums the larger purpose behind Shevet Achim this way: "Maybe the ultimate good news behind our work is this: The New Testament is the only possible peace treaty between Jews and non-Jews. I believe the conflict in the Middle East is spiritual at its core. Accepting Jewish sovereignty over a single grain of sand is unthinkable to religious Muslims, since it contradicts the claim-which some Christians also like to make-that God has rejected His chosen people in favor of another. So you have two or three peoples in a death struggle over who is really chosen. Only the New Testament has the spiritual solution-affirming God's choice of Israel, but then gloriously revealing how the death and resurrection of the Messiah has torn down the wall which once divided Jews from non-Jews."


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