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Issue: "Remembering 9/11," Sept. 10, 2011

"It all ends here" (July 30)

Regarding your review of the last Harry Potter movie, it is amazing to me how quickly the Christian community can embrace witchcraft. The pagan worldview of Harry Potter produces a portrayal of good spirits vs. bad spirits, not biblical good vs. evil. Cusey concludes that the books are popular because they glorify "heroes who know right from wrong" and this suggests "the kids are going to be just fine." I couldn't disagree more. The kids are not doing just fine. We are losing a generation to a Christianity stripped of its power and truth in order to placate a lukewarm church whose new god is experience.
Paul Jehle; Plymouth, Mass.

We enjoy WORLD but I was saddened by the review of the last Harry Potter movie. We should remember the stern warnings from the Bible about sorcery and run from Harry Potter.
Kari Schott; Elbing, Kan.

"Time bomb" (July 30)

In the last three years we have watched with amazement the planning and construction of a new Volkswagen plant. That corporation has truly invested $1 billion in the future of Chattanooga, producing new jobs and new money in the local economy. During that same period our president and Congress increased the national debt by about $4 trillion. What do we have to show for that "investment"? Nothing but higher unemployment, higher debt, and a belief that our nation is on the brink of default.
Tom & Ruthellen Norman; Signal Mountain, Tenn.

"Church clean & club funny" (July 30)

My Christian friends and I long for entertainment that makes us laugh. Bob Hope, Fred Allen, Bob Newhart, Red Skelton, and others were masters at comedy and they did it without offending their audiences, but most comedy available today is coarse and offensive. We're waiting.
Pearl Hammerand; Ojai, Calif.

"Crouching at the door" (July 16)

Janie B. Cheaney first made me laugh with the line, "some kind of Viagra for the bile duct," but then it became serious. This summer we saw anger fully exposed just a few miles away in Grand Rapids, Mich., when someone murdered seven people and then committed suicide. The explosion of anger happens in shocking ways.
Al Wychers; Jamestown, Mich.

"In search of self" (July 16)

I am a stay-at-home mom of three kids and find it hard to live in the present. I'm always thinking about what I want to do to fulfill my dreams when the kids are older and in school and so I miss time with them now. I am there but not there. Thank you for encouraging me to stay the course.
Amy Conroy; Leon Springs, Texas

"Getting religion" (June 18)

Mockery is next to imitation as the sincerest form of flattery? Really? This is an ingenious angle from which to find something edifying in the Broadway Book of Mormon, despite its "gratuitous profanity and crude sexual humor." When confronted with the wit of an atheistic attack on all religion, urge me to ignore it or equip me to answer it, but don't invite me to be amused by it. It is foolish to find militant atheism "just plain funny."
Nathan Trice; Charlotte, N.C.


President James Garfield was assassinated at age 49 (Looking Ahead, July 30).

Benjamin Orr was the former bassist and co-lead vocalist for the band The Cars ("Listening again," July 30).


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