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Issue: "Back to School," Aug. 27, 2011

"A rebel pursued" (July 16)

Pastor Tchividjian has a very narrow view of what Dr. D. James Kennedy's ministry was all about. Kennedy understood and taught the dangers of the "elder brother" syndrome, but he also called his congregation and the whole nation to confront the culture with the Truth and stop "wallowing with the pigs" in the manner of the prodigal. Having read the interview, I better understand why Coral Ridge Presbyterian split.
Tom Morr; Williamsburg, Va.

"Storm warner" (July 16)

Kudos to weatherman Bill Gray for standing up to proponents of man-made global warming, which is a sham. Global warming has been and is being used as a scare tactic to influence public policy and opinion, and it has to stop.
Marco Micheletta; Sterling Heights, Mich.

"Well-founded fear" (July 16)

After reading the article about the beheading of Abdul Latif, I am furious about the three-picture sequence in the sidebar, ending with the photo of the terrorist thrusting a knife into Latif's neck. There are enough horrible images in the world without WORLD adding to the list.
Jim Crawford; Scottsdale, Ariz.

"The promise and the over-promise" (July 16)

Thank you so much for the book reviews. When Helping Hurts has made all of us at First Baptist Church rethink helping in every area, from the church's benevolence fund, to missions, to our Family Care Center. In working with the poor in our small, rural community, we have come to describe them as the "hunter-gatherer" group. They go from service to service, public and private, gathering up what they can at each one. It seems a sad and unintended outcome of the governmental programs put in place supposedly to help the poor.
Karen Leif; St. Johns, Mich.

"No controversy?" (July 2)

I'm so grateful to Marvin Olasky for recommending Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts. It has been transforming and comforting as well as disturbing as I examine how I overlook my gifts and blessings.
Noreta S. Morgan; Lenoir City, Tenn.

"Facing the pressure" (July 2)

Where biblical Christianity has been embraced, it has produced repentance, life, hope, protection of women and children, improved health, and all things positive. Where Darwinism has been embraced, it has brought death and destruction. The Bible waits, without error or a grant from Templeton Foundation, to be read and believed and to transform lives.
C.K. Larson; Rochester, Minn.

"Couples in community" (June 18)

We read this series with great interest since the eldest of our quiver is 19 and on the cusp of this stage of life. The big question we have is: Where are the parents? Certainly there are no formulas for finding a mate, but we feel pretty strongly that we ought to be involved in the process with each of our children.
Matt & Stephanie Ferguson; Broken Arrow, Okla.


Children's Home Society and Family Services is a secular adoption agency. One hundred and thirty-four families responded to the Ethiopian adoption study by Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform ("Orphaned no more," July 30, p. 36).

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R) is a Missouri congresswoman ("Contrary to conscience," July 30, p. 11).

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