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Issue: "Back to School," Aug. 27, 2011

"Can a Mormon be president?" (July 16)

If Mitt Romney becomes the Republican nominee, whatever his faults, religious or otherwise, no likely opponent on the ballot will be more worthy of our support. Evangelicals are smart enough to dismiss Mormon doctrines, but let's not throw out the presidency with the doctrinal bath water.
Robert E. Tozier; Fairfax, Va.

Apart from doctrinal issues that identify Mormonism as a cult, Mormonism is based on the obviously fraudulent claims of its founder, Joseph Smith. If an appealing, intelligent candidate such as Mitt Romney cannot determine truth from error in choosing his religion, how can I as an American citizen trust him to interpret correctly all the high-level intelligence that will cross his desk daily?
Donald P. Boldt; Bend, Ore.

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For those who would not vote for Mitt Romney due to his Mormonism or other flaws, I have two words for you: Supreme Court. To give Barack Obama two more appointments to the high court is to be complicit in the destruction of this country.
Eric Newton; Washington, N.J.

I will never knowingly vote for a non-Christian to run my country.
Greg Walsh; La Verne, Calif.

"Focus on Mitt Romney" (July 16)

WORLD did a pretty good job summarizing the hardships imposed on small businesses by the Massachusetts healthcare plan. However, the hardship it imposes through heavy premiums on lower-income residents who work for businesses that do provide health plans is just as burdensome. I know several people who could not afford the premiums and so didn't purchase the coverage; they were then penalized (again) at tax time for the violation. The system is onerous unless one is here illegally, indigent, or has reached the middle class.
John Melillo; Hudson, Mass.

"Mixed oaths" (July 16)

If a candidate believes rape and incest are acceptable exceptions for abortion, as Romney does, then he is not truly pro-life. The pre-born human being is a person and should not be executed because of the crime of the father.
Gregory Poulos; Palm Bay, Fla.

"Take a stand against Rand" (July 16)

My sincere thanks to Marvin Olasky for shining a light into a dark corner of American conservatism and on the entanglement of power and compassion. It's disconcerting to profess our love for God, yet find ourselves in bed with Mammon.
Sam Reid; Issaquah, Wash.

I remember reading Rand in a college philosophy course way back in 1970. Rand promoted selfishness as a virtue and Jesus taught us to deny ourselves and follow Him-quite a contrast. Conservative support for her philosophy and the recently released movie is really hard to understand, especially by conservatives who claim to be Christians. Capitalism without Christianity is a really bad idea.
Herb Van Schoick; Lancaster, Pa.

Rand correctly identifies the insanity of coerced benevolence and the idiocy of the welfare state, but she wrongly concludes all unselfish acts are evil. She got a few things right but, alas, was neither the first nor the last to miss the Main Thing.
Jim Latimer; Lexington, Ky.

"In search of self" (July 16)

Andrée Seu nails it again with her column about a woman who left her marriage to "find herself." In today's world it's no surprise that non-Christians wander about with no guidance or values trying to find a purpose, but it's a great tragedy when Christians do the same thing. Where is the fear of the Lord, the hope of eternity and lasting rewards?
William T. Gillin; Colorado Springs, Colo.

I loved the line Seu quoted from her late husband: "Don't worry about what people think of you. They don't even think of you." Terrific advice for this man-fearer.
Anne Wegener; Springville, Ind.

"Lesser lights" (July 16)

I appreciated this article about the compact fluorescent bulbs vs. incandescents, and I'm thankful to hear that some folks are concerned about the federal law. When I heard about what our government was soon to bring forth, I was terrified. Fluorescent lights often trigger my migraine headaches, and I'll be forced to live with those in my home?
Janice Hill; Blackfoot, Idaho

"Cars 2" (July 16)

I see so much more in Cars 2 than most reviewers. It really resonates with people old enough to remember the older James Bonds, Star Wars, and Mission Impossible. It's also a whodunnit and an international adventure, a teaching travelogue. As well, the descriptions of the strengths and foibles of different automobile models, vintages, and countries of origin is so on-target.
Jay Sinnett; Greenville, S.C.


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