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Issue: "Face-off," Aug. 13, 2011

"Darwin matters" (July 2)

Thank you to Marvin Olasky for the article on the influence of Darwin on every part of life. It is important that we understand the sneakiness of the enemy of our Creator. Unfortunately, like Eve, many Christians have been deceived into thinking evolution has validity. We need to understand the premise behind it: Man is just an animal, not the creation of a loving Creator.
Janet Bell; Punta Gorda, Fla.

I was impressed by WORLD's God-honoring and uncompromising position on the theory of evolution. Indeed, I have seen so many instances where it is undermining the Christian faith, as you succinctly put it: "If Darwin was right, the Bible is wrong."
Daniel Mann; Brooklyn, N.Y.

"World's apart" (July 2)

Thanks for including Jeffrey Overstreet's The Ale Boy's Feast in your list of good speculative fiction. I have enjoyed the poetry and artistry of his books but would note that this is the final installment of a four-book series. Interested readers should begin with book one, Auralia's Colors.
Kindra Andrews; Seattle, Wash.

"Wholesome reading" (July 2)

This was worthwhile since many of us try to guard our hearts. But it was most disappointing to read Olasky's comment, "I believe Jan Karon's Mitford books . . . are clean, although I've only sampled parts." He needs to add these to his treadmill stack. We don't want hearsay-we want Marvinsay! And by the way, they are not only clean but excellent.
J.A. Scott; Peachtree Corners, Ga.

"Hard to hold on" (July 2)

I can really relate to this column. My parents are in their upper 80s and never throw anything away. My dad even saves scraps of soap to eventually (read: never) make them into one big bar of soap again. And I live in part of Pennsylvania Dutch country where everybody has an attic and basement full of "things" (please don't call it "junk").
Jack Pavie; Sumneytown, Pa.

In an age of tweets and abbreviated text messages it would be a horrible shame if Joel Belz's linotype machine were sold for scrap. The machine could educate many people about how print media has evolved.
Karley Stineman; Le Claire, Iowa

My wife Pat grew up the daughter of a newspaperman in Weldon, N.C. Her mother and father sat literally back-to-back for years at two linotype machines in the newspaper office. I still remember the "clank-clank, clank" sound of the linotypes as you walked into the small printing office. When my wife's father passed away, some suggested selling the equipment for scrap metal but history is worth more than 18 cents per pound. It ended up in a museum. Thanks for the memories.
Tom Starkey; Opelika, Ala.

"Summer heart" (July 2)

Quite possibly Super 8's charms simply passed me by, but I thought it was a shameless rip-off of Spielberg's own wildly successful ET, just without the cute alien. Same big, bad government agency, same dramatic "just let him go home" climax, only this time the nerdy middle schooler tosses out Jesus' name as a swear word, along with other profanities.
Elaine Neumeyer; Big Canoe, Ga.

"Long's story" (July 2)

I was saddened to read about Bishop Eddie Long. His apparent fall into sin and the decline of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church are potent reminders that the church must be firmly grounded in the gospel, not in the charisma or charm of a sinful man.
David Garringer; Pleasant Prairie, Wis.


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