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Issue: "Orphaned no more," July 30, 2011

Lost and found

Dianne Kidd may never get a second chance like this again. In 1960, her future husband Thomas Wray Kidd gave her his high-school class ring as a gift. And when Dianne accidentally dropped it in the toilet mid-flush, her father called a plumber out to try and fish the ring out of the pipes. "The plumber finally told them, 'Hey, that ring is gone,'" Thomas Kidd told Reuters. More than 50 years later, when a storm sewer collapsed in nearby Roanoke Rapids, N.C., repair crew foreman Dwayne Johnson found the ring in the debris.

After taking it to a jeweler for polishing, Johnson found Thomas Kidd's initials engraved on the ring. Jeweler Steve Brantley then began searching for the ring's original owner-a task made easier by the fact that Kidd graduated with just 24 other classmates. And after tracking down a classmate of Kidd's, Brantley finally made contact with the 67-year-old Kidd and offered to drive three hours to deliver the gold ring with red gemstone. Kidd said he planned on giving the ring back to Dianne, his wife of 47 years.


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