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Issue: "Focus on Mitt Romney," July 16, 2011

Search time

Google's inventive homage to Les Paul in June didn't just provide search engine users with a musical game. According to research from ExtremeTech, employers lost up to 10.7 million man hours in productivity to the Google doodle that turned the search engine's name into a playable guitar. Using data from RescueTime that showed Google users spending, on average, 26 more seconds visiting Google's main search engine page than usual, then "assuming the average Google user earns $25 per hour, the doodle cost companies around the world $268 million in lost productivity," the tech blog reported.

Sounds fishy

Citing a desire to prevent inhumane suffering, the San Francisco Animal Control and Welfare Commission has proposed a bill that would ban the sale of goldfish as pets in the California city. "It causes animal suffering," animal welfare commissioner Philip Gerrie told Fox News Radio. "Whole reefs and ecosystems are being exploited for whatever might be marketable or sellable." Last year, San Francisco's Board of Supervisors considered but ultimately rejected a similar ban on keeping cats and dogs as pets.


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