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Issue: "Orphaned no more," July 30, 2011

"Homeward bound" (June 18)

It is encouraging to read about Wallace and Eleanor Turnbull's efforts to help Haitian students be educated in the United States and then return to Haiti to help renew their country. As many of them have become Christians, they are better able to cope with life and to learn skills to help the people in Haiti.
Stewart West; Apex, N.C.

"Iceberg parables" (June 18)

I accept Marvin Olasky's challenge to use more stories that pierce. I left a church that made it clear that it wanted "uplifting" messages which, translated, meant "pat-on-the-back" sermons. One member said he did not like being beat up every Sunday. Translated: "Do not preach on sin." The walk of imitating Christ is the crucified life.
Gary Turner; Lebanon, Ore.

I am so tired of the feel good, no substance messages that keep the flock at Christianity 101. A sermon is more than information: Iceberg parables connect to the whole man, not just the head. Sermons need to pierce. In Jeremiah, God talks about a circumcision of the heart; each pastor needs to be a spiritual heart surgeon under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Bob Corbin; Parrish, Fla.

"Fractured policy" (June 4)

I've worked in the oil industry for 42 years and have experience "fracking" oil and gas deposits in shale. Today's technology makes contaminating fresh water zones with hydrocarbons a very low risk. People need good information, not the emotionalism put out by the EPA and others with an agenda that is not realistic.
Mark J. Anthony; Colorado Springs, Colo.

"Keeping the faith" (June 4)

Erskine College and the ARP Church are justified in paying attention to what stance their members hold regarding Scripture. I moved my family across the country to attend a graduate school that labeled itself Christian, but did not do due diligence to find out where most members of the faculty stood on important theological issues. I spent thousands of dollars to earn credits that cannot be transferred and experienced a crisis of faith before I decided to leave the school. Moving away from the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture is the first step into a theologically liberal (and non-Christian) abyss.
Steve Stucky; Castle Rock, Colo.

"Living in the middle" (June 4)

Thank you for such a wonderful and comforting column. God has just started to move quickly in a business area of my life. Just when I was going to throw in the towel, He sent me several positive answers one after another. After a stint in the desert, what a powerful reminder of God's sovereignty and timing.
Lisa Meek; Bothell, Wash.


P.G. Wodehouse set most of his stories and novels in Britain in the first decades of the 1900s ("Bygone Britain," July 2, p. 64).

Steven Spielberg was not involved in making Return of the Jedi ("Getting religion," June 18, p. 40).

New York's same-sex marriage law takes effect July 24, with licenses available July 25. ("Exempting religion," July16 , p. 5).


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