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Issue: "Focus on Mitt Romney," July 16, 2011

When I got to the last lines regarding how past sins have made a mess, but obedience can be a new beginning, I wept. I immediately wrote those last two sentences on a card I will give to a friend and on another to give me hope as well.
Patricia Pollock; Trumansburg, N.Y.

"Reconciliation" (June 4)

I am frustrated with WORLD's attitude toward Christian films. Megan Basham starts her review with: "Reconciliation suffers from the same weaknesses that plague most Christian-produced, Christian-targeted films." Most Christian films don't have the budget of Hollywood films, and many of us are encouraged to finally have an alternative to the usual sewage from Hollywood.
Tim Grosshans; Orlando, Fla.

"Mainline death throes" (June 4)

As a "conservative" pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA), I appreciated WORLD's coverage, as far as it went, of the recent changes in the denomination. The removal of the fidelity/chastity requirement in the PC(USA)'s Book of Order also opens the door of ordination to all who are sexually active outside the bounds of the marriage of one man and one woman. The situation is even more dire than you reported.
Walter L. Taylor; Oak Island, N.C.

"Mandatory mayhem" (June 4)

I would say that the three-strikes law here in Washington State has worked very well. In fact, had Arkansas had a three-strikes law for violent career criminals, four of our police officers in Lakewood, Wash., would still be alive. In 2009 Maurice Clemmons, a repeat offender to whom Gov. Mike Huckabee granted clemency, shot them in cold blood in a coffee shop.
Carolyn Schuster; Port Orchard, Wash.

"No obedience required" (May 21)

The problem with Christian churches accepting gay lifestyles and ordaining gays into ministry is that sincere people come to church to be changed, not to change the church. And to rewrite key parts of the Bible (so certain things aren't called "sin") is to denigrate the Word of God.
Martin Estrin; Glendale, Calif.

"Digital revolution" (March 12)

The WORLD iPad app has absolutely nailed it. The ease of use, smooth page transitions, and subtleties of content placement (scroll bars and slideshows inside of a page) are absolutely stunning. Place on top of these mechanisms relevant and thoughtful content, and WORLD absolutely blows away all other tablet-based magazines. I am profoundly impressed.
Greg Baker; Mt. Carmel, Ill.


Three of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) were written before the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, and only the Gospel of John was likely written after ("After Easter Sunday," May 7, p. 32).

Josh Harris' I Kissed Dating Goodbye was first published in 1997 ("Still haven't found what I'm looking for," June 4, p. 38).

Half the nations of the developed world are seriously worried about shrinking populations ("Crying wolf," June 4, p. 3).


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