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It all ends here

"It all ends here" Continued...

Issue: "Orphaned no more," July 30, 2011

From freeing the slave elf Dobby to rescuing an abused dragon to opposing Voldemort's campaign for "pure blood" wizards, Harry and his friends consistently choose the side of decency.

In the early books, Harry sometimes chooses selfishly and arrogantly overestimates his own importance-all the while wishing to avoid the responsibility life has placed on his shoulders. By the end, Harry, for the sake of his friends, knowingly and willingly chooses sacrifice. His yearning for glory has been resisted, his desperation to escape responsibility conquered. He is willing to lay down his life so others may live in a just peace. Like Frodo Baggins of The Lord of the Rings, he decides to walk away from the tremendous and attractive power he has won at great cost.

Though magic spells and fantastic creatures may have been the trappings that initially drew fans into the series, what ultimately makes it an enduring favorite is that it glorifies heroes who know right from wrong. If Harry Potter's stratospheric sales are any indication, the kids are going to be just fine.


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