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Issue: "2011 Books of the Year," July 2, 2011

"A nation of Terrys" (May 7)

I couldn't agree more, and it's gotten worse in the small-town high school I've taught at for 23 years. The young seem to feel entitled to passing grades, pencils, paper, rides to school, breakfast, lunch, cell phones, mp3 players, and to say anything they wish. As the state does more and more for students, they do less and less for themselves. Who needs church and family when the government at every level serves as the institutional replacement?
Forrest Parker; Jamaica Beach, Texas

"Paycheck program" (May 7)

I disagree that "many conservatives" agree with the Earned Income Tax Credit. If our government would genuinely foster (or quit hindering) values and programs that help intact families, most of our "problems" would be addressed. EITC isn't the answer.
Buddy Roberts; Columbia, Tenn.

"Tick, tick, tick . . ." (May 7)

Bob Packwood is right about Congress not being ready to address the federal debt, and it won't get ready until its members see the walls of their temple coming down. We need to use the arts to reach people with the story of the legacy we're creating for our kids. We need our people to look at themselves and ask: What does one generation owe the next?
W.L. Jennings; Grand Blanc, Mich.

"The magic word" (April 23)

I doubt anyone begins his Christian walk as thankful for the bad He allows into our lives as much as the good. We seem to need some history of exercising our little faith in His great faithfulness before fully embracing Romans 8:28, and agreeing with the hymnodist to "know no loss or gain."
Craig La Chance; Keaau, Hawaii

Isn't it nice to be released from the little nagging buzz of discontent and self absorption by the simple process of grateful expressions to Christ? Thank you for helping me keep the "fleas" in perspective!
Jennifer Charpentier; Moses Lake, Wash.

"What the veil reveals" (April 23)

I hold in high honor Mindy Belz for her great moral courage, shown once again in this column. The threats and intimidations of Islam, far more advanced in Europe, go unreported by our own country's news media. How Muslims treat women is only a small tip of the iceberg.
Kirby J. Killman; Pasco, Wash.

"Trillions for tunes" (April 23)

Lime Wire is finally being sued for pirating music online. I think that the recording companies might be going a little over the top in asking for $75 trillion. Nonetheless, they have lost excessive amounts of money and they should receive enough to cover those losses.
Lindsey Soderberg, 16; Scottsdale, Ariz.

"Complicated truth" (April 23)

I read Olasky's column in the midst of mulling over the mysteriousness of our God. What he wrote was right on. God is not a predictable system or a tame lion. But as Narnia's Mr. Beaver said, "He's good. He's the King, I tell you."
Susanna Musser; New Providence, Pa.


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