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Issue: "2011 Books of the Year," July 2, 2011

"Static on the airwaves" (May 21)

The greater problem with Harold Camping is that, in falsely claiming that his statements are Bible-based, he has held the Bible up to ridicule and turned attention away from the real tragedies all around us, in Haiti and elsewhere. Media outlets are eager to comply, given a perfect negative stereotype of a misguided national evangelical leader. In effect he encouraged people to ignore biblical warnings about the last days and to mock the Scriptures.
Chris White; New York, N.Y.

When my wife asked if I had read the WORLD article about camping, I was really excited because I thought that after all these years she was finally interested in going camping. What a disappointment.
Wayne Herman; Glidden, Iowa

"Mystery + objectivity" (May 21)

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Having read his book, How to Write a Sentence, I was interested to read the interview with Stanley Fish. His responses about the presuppositions that structure our consciousness were very intriguing, and his perspective and honesty are refreshing in this age of hardened secularism.
John Rush; Cosby, Tenn.

Fish is right in believing that truth is knowable but that we cannot necessarily persuade others to believe in it. This is the truth of faith and it is no mystery. We must accept the Truth in order to believe.
David Massee; Germantown, Tenn.

"Thor's day" (May 21)

My two sons took me to Thor on Mother's Day. Partway through, one son, who's a bit of a movie snob, commented that he was surprised at how good it was. It was a great movie with few of the typical Hollywood trappings.
Melissa Holman; San Antonio, Texas

Your review on Thor was right on target. An interesting side story is that the hero swords for Heimdall, the Gatekeeper, were produced by two young Christian artists.
Rob Davis; New Castle, Ind.

"Wars worth fighting" (May 21)

Your review of Shelby Foote's classic history of the Civil War should motivate many to read it. I met him in 1991. He gave the distinct impression that he had been at most of the great Civil War battles because his descriptions had such color and detail that it took your breath away. His three-volume work captures how he talked, how he told stories, and how the Civil War was fought-by common men in a most uncommon manner.
Jack D. Walker; Brea, Calif.

"A great debt" (May 21)

As a veteran from the Vietnam era, I believe we've unfairly shamed our soldiers who served in that war. Aside from the incredibly brutal conditions, many were spat upon, berated, and ignored upon their return. Thank you for your recognition.
Dave Troup; Lee's Summit, Mo.

"Some people" (May 21)

Thank you for speaking clearly and truthfully. How quickly I forget that I am most certainly not, as Isaiah wrote, the "just Judge of all the Earth."
Kurt A. Michaelis; Dothan, Ala.

Quotables (May 7)

In response to Charles Murray's comment that the new upper and middle classes are getting married and working hard but "they will not preach what they practice": Some of us are preaching-to our children. That's why there still is a middle class. We are accused of being intolerant, racist, sexist, and a host of other names when we suggest that marriage is a good thing, single-parent families end up in poverty, school is essential to success, and our spiritual beliefs guide our decision making.
Amy Pauley; Charleston, W.Va.

"See Jane pray" (May 7)

Not having read Jane Russell's autobiography, I want to proceed very carefully in taking issue with Andrée Seu, whom I typically find very agreeable. Somehow, all that Seu says about Russell's faith has to be balanced with the fact that Russell was also a leading sex symbol.
Gary Roseboom; East Peoria, Ill.

"Inside out" (May 7)

Thank you to Emily Belz for a compelling and insightful analysis of the Insider Movement. I have often wondered by what authority we can make so many accommodations to any people group, hoping that somehow the gospel will be made acceptable to them. This robs them of experiencing the sufficiency of Christ in all of life.
Edwin Lavely; Eugene, Ore.

I know Milton Coke well and respect his integrity and the integrity of Global Partners. What you have done is wrong. Cancel my subscription!
Julie N. Bullard; Snellville, Ga.

Any compromise of the Word of God leads to disaster. We must trust God to use what He has given us to reach the hearts of the lost, not our "improvements" on His Word.
Lori Parziale; Alexandria, Va.


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