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Issue: "Tour d'America," June 18, 2011

"Alternative TV" (May 7)

The article on the costs of cable and satellite TV alternatives was interesting, but even Netflix requires a good internet connection. Why does no one mention over-the-air TV, which is absolutely free? I canceled cable a few years ago and put a little hand-sized amplified antenna outside my back door. I get 40 channels. It gives us more money to support missionaries.
Jim Rootsey; Melbourne, Fla.

Notable CDs (May 7)

How can "Just the Way You Are," a song about acceptance, be dismissed as "smug" while "Only the Good Die Young," a song that mocks a young girl's faith and chastity while trying to solicit sex from her, is endorsed as Billy Joel's most "dramatically effective"? Thirty-four years after this song was written, we are still reaping the bitter fruits of the sexual revolution.
Bill Scheidt; Ephrata, Pa.

"Turning 65" (May 7)

I have met a few older people who made me feel as if I were in the company of a present-day Simeon or Anna. Their godly characters were clearly the product of faithful and joyful endurance in past trials. Their long years may not be decorated with impressive achievements, but they made me realize that there would be no retirement in Christian life.
Mie McCaffrey; Butte, Mont.

"Steadfast heart" (May 7)

Daniel James Devine erred when stating that the No. 1 killer of Americans is heart disease. The No. 1 killer of Americans is abortion. For perspective, the 2010 census lists only nine cities (starting with Dallas) with populations larger than the 1.2 million babies aborted annually, and eight states with smaller populations.
Nick Patapoff; Los Angeles, Calif.

Houses of God (May 7)

It's so good to be able to read national and world news from a Christian perspective. I especially enjoy, among other features, "Houses of God." I love seeing the amazing variety of churches around the world.
Patty Harmon; Augusta, Ga.

Notable Books (April 23)

Susan Olasky's page of book reviews often is among my favorites. In a recent issue I was pleased to see I'd read one of the reviewed books. Once I'd read all four and it's been a game ever since to see if I can match that number.
Michelle Ule; Santa Rosa, Calif.

"Delivery from shame" (April 23)

The article was good but didn't mention one huge component of fistula in young women: female genital mutilation. This horrific procedure, done on young girls, produces damage and severe scar tissue that does not promote a normal labor and birth. As long as this heinous practice continues, there will always be a great need for people like Dr. Hamlin and her late husband to provide care and reconstruction for damaged women who need, more than ever, an introduction to the Loving Bridegroom.
Karla Messerschmidt-Morgan; Sequim, Wash.

"The magic word" (April 23)

God knows that I need frequent reminders to be thankful in all circumstances. Recently they came from Andrée Seu's column on one day and on another from a prison correspondent who "noticed a few things that our Lord does for our enjoyment" as he was "looking out my little window in my cell."
Harriet Borgman; McBain, Mich.


Milton Coke of Global Partners for Development did not travel to Bangladesh with Scott Seaton ("Inside out," May 7, p. 46).


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