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"Date breaker" Continued...

Issue: "Tour d'America," June 18, 2011

"On Oct. 21, 2011," he said, "the Bible clearly warns that the world will be destroyed."

"This is what the Bible says," he asserted, "It all comes from the Bible, the Bible, the Bible, the Bible." He failed to add that it all comes exclusively to him, and to those who pick it up from him. This meets the classic definition of "private interpretation" of which the Scriptures plainly warn in 2 Peter 1:20.

Asked about the damage done to individuals who, accepting his prediction, acted on it by changing plans, giving money away, or spending it on furthering Camping's campaign of public warning, he chiefly brushed this aside.

"People cope," he said, remarking that the damage done to individuals by this nation's economic collapse was very much greater than any done by his utterances, and that people had survived that, as they will this.

Camping, whose earlier achievements as an executive managing Family Radio, which he co-founded, were notable, resulting in broadcasting of exceedingly high quality for decades, would appear to meet all the tests of a false prophet.

That he is now permitted to continue airing his astonishing absurdities-and declaring his Oct. 21, 2011, date for ultimate judgment and the end of the world-represents a gross failure by others in responsible positions at Family Radio, including its board of corporate directors, to act to curb him.

Could this failure be the fruit, not of love for the man, but of a fear of him as the chief executive? On what is this unceasing tolerance of utter doctrinal falsity, and his declaring of epochal dispensational changes, based?

Timothy Dalrymple
Timothy Dalrymple


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