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Issue: "Dating and courtship confusion," June 4, 2011

The people's choice

A Burton, Mich., Board of Education candidate has only herself to blame for losing an uncontested election on May 3. In an election where the top two recipients of votes earned office-and candidate Lisa Osborn and incumbent Sofia Boulton were the only two to pass state ballot requirements-Osborn had reason to be confident-so confident she blew off voting for herself and instead spent the afternoon at her son's baseball game. When the votes were tallied, Osborn had zero-one shy of the required minimum to be elected to office. Board secretary Toby Bauldry confessed he was pleased that Osborn won't be joining him at the Board of Education, seeing as "she couldn't find the time to go and vote for herself."

Disappearing act

A Yiddish newspaper in New York City was forced to apologize after it published a doctored photo of President Barack Obama and his national security team watching Navy SEALs conduct their May 2 raid to kill al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Officials at the paper, Di Tzeitung, blamed a photo editor who photoshopped a concerned Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and counterterrorism director Audrey Tomason out of the picture before publishing it, despite a proviso attached to the White House press office photo that said the picture could not be altered in any way. In an apology statement, the paper said it has a long-standing policy against printing pictures that include women in an effort to preserve laws of modesty adhered to by its Orthodox Jewish readers.


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