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'No wedding, no womb'

"'No wedding, no womb'" Continued...

Issue: "Dating and courtship confusion," June 4, 2011

Some encouraging statistics lie beneath troubling ones. According to a Pew study, Americans-whether high-school-educated or college graduates-say they want to marry. Seven in 10 people said an increase in the number of single mothers is not good. The Brookings Institution's Fragile Families Survey found that most couples who give birth out of wedlock begin with hopeful relationships. Some 87 percent of the fathers and 72 percent of the mothers gave their relationship at least a 50/50 chance of leading to marriage. This is not likely to happen (by the time their children turned 5, only 35 percent of the couples were still together), but the statistics show that people still want marriage and stable relationships.

Youth council members believe that speaking out-addressing and admitting the problem-is the first step. That is what happens at the end of the council's film. Rosalita turns to Pastor Bill, who offers her the church's help, encourages her not to get an abortion, and tells her she can redeem her mistake by choosing not to have sex again until marriage. Rosalita gives her word.


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