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Issue: "Dating and courtship confusion," June 4, 2011

"Give chikin a chance" (April 23)

After reading about the campaign to punish Chick-fil-A for supporting a marriage seminar in Pennsylvania, my education was expanded to include new categories of lifestyle in this brave new world. I do not know if I am more horrified that I do not know what the QIA in LGBTQIA means or that the University of Missouri-Kansas City has a staff member who is paid to coordinate LGBTQIA programs.
Jeanne Kuhlman; Edmond, Okla.

"Liberal 'love'" (April 9)

Both the Christian who says Gandhi is in hell and the pastor who says there is no hell are guilty of the sin of presumption. Both go beyond what the Bible has revealed. Some find it incredible that God would allow anyone to go to hell. I find it just as incredible that God would allow anyone into His heaven, based on what I see in the world and know about myself. The cross remains God's definitive statement to mankind regarding the seriousness of judgment and the possibility of hope.
Mike Carlson; Weeki Wachee, Fla.

"I didn't hear it on NPR" (April 9)

Timothy Larsen tries to cut NPR some slack over A Prairie Home Companion. He'll have to look a little harder; that program comes from the unrelated American Public Media.
Jimmy Alexander; Fountain Inn, S.C.

"Another iAttack" (April 9)

I was shocked and confused by Apple's removal of an Exodus International iTunes app regarding same-sex attraction. Truth Wins Out can say what it wants, yet TWO wants to muzzle opposing viewpoints. Exactly what is TWO afraid of? The truth?
John Walker; Island Falls, Maine

"Support by another means" (April 9)

I lived in Africa for 20 years, and Susan Olasky was right-on with her report on gift-in-kind aid projects. Some countries charge import duties higher than the shipping costs, and some of what is sent ends up being sold in the local markets. Sending money through well-researched and reputable aid organizations results in the best use of the gifts. We should keep giving-just do it responsibly.
Judith A. Olson; Minonk, Ill.

"Paralyzing nobility" (March 26)

This column came at just the right time. My Dad is 94 years old and beginning to need help with important matters because he gets confused. However, I am finding that the Privacy Act and other legislation may be putting limits on what I can do to help him. It is so frustrating. I am praying that the Lord will let no one take advantage of him in his increasingly vulnerable state.
Wendy Boyd; Sequim, Wash.

All of it

I enjoy WORLD very much. I read all of it. I love the news, the articles, everything. Thank you for your hard work.
Fulton Carmichael, 11; Louisville, Ky.


David Harriman resigned from Frontiers in August 2009 ("Inside out," May 7, p. 47).

In February three local Pennsylvania franchises of Chick-fil-A donated food to a marriage seminar produced by the Arkansas-based nonprofit Family Life. The event was hosted by the Pennsylvania Family Institute, an associate group of Focus on the Family ("Give chikin a chance," April 23, p. 51).

The one fatality from a March 23 bus-stop bombing in Jerusalem was Mary Gardner, a British citizen and a Wycliffe Bible translator (Quotables, April 9, p. 18).


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