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Issue: "After Osama," May 21, 2011

"A dose of reality" (April 9)

We've been in the cross-cultural consulting business for the past 34 years trying to bring biblical sanity to the field of global diversity for our clients. We've seen what Joel Belz described. When we began in 1977 our clients needed to expand their thinking from my-way-or-the-highway to a genuine appreciation of difference. Now the pendulum has swung to the other extreme where everything is merely different, with no rights or wrongs.
Wayne Shabaz; Holland, Mich.

"Little love" (April 9)

Thank you for your honest review of Sister Wives. I live in a country where polygamy is widely practiced and the women here are not happy campers. When I first came here women would defend this lifestyle as those in the TV show do. But as I have built relationships, the truth has come out, and they do not like sharing their man.
Jennifer A. Bowers; Kayes, Mali

Quick Takes (April 9)

I enjoyed the article about the Pancake Race in Olney, England, but you omitted an important tie to the United States: The race is also an annual competition between Olney and Liberal, Kan., that dates back to 1950. Liberal now leads with 36 wins (including this year's race) to Olney's 25.
Brian Lair; Wichita, Kan.

Whenever a WORLD comes in the mailbox, my whole family fights over who gets to read it first. Whenever I get it I always turn to the Quick Takes first. They are very interesting, and sometimes just crazy.
Hudson Parris; Bel Aire, Kan.

"Beck, Jesus, and me" (March 26)

Kudos for Marvin Olasky's comments exposing Glenn Beck's media circus for what it is. It has taken so long for rational people of faith to see how Beck espouses man climbing upward on his own without Jesus Christ. Isn't it sad that he left Jesus on the editing room floor instead of offering Him as the solution his audience needs?
Jeffrey & Carol Carts; Coudersport, Pa.

I am grateful for the information Beck provides about what is really going on in our country and the world. His comments about man ruling himself refer to the government's intention to rule every aspect of our lives, rendering us ignorant victims, incapable of choosing our own priorities and making decisions.
Pat Meyers; Pough, N.Y.

Olasky is right: Nothing works apart from Jesus Christ. Only Christ can enlighten, educate, empower, and endow us with creativity. Free will has done nothing but lead us astray from God's providential will.
John Wynn; Lutherville, Md.

"With these cuts, they may die" (March 26)

Would it not be better if people work through their local churches to support this important work rather than contacting their congressional representatives to urge them to continue funding it? The federal government will be much less efficient with our tax dollars than an effective charity, and almost half the money the government spends will be borrowed.
Viston & Susann Smith; Tigard, Ore.


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