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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Tick, tick, tick ...," May 7, 2011

"Sideline pastor" (March 26)

I was disappointed with this article, which criticizes books written by high-profile coaches for shallow theology. In writing that "Excellence cannot be achieved unless coaches and players are willing to sacrifice and suffer," it seems that Bobby Bowden is advocating biblically solid advice, not shallow theology. The pursuit of excellence is a way of showing our gratefulness for God's gifts by bringing them to their full potential.
Erik Illi; Kalispell, Mont.

Mark Bergin's excellent article about the way big-time Christian football coaches fall victim to the pressures of winning opened the door on an area of life too often given a pass by the Christian community. Ohio State's Jim Tressel is merely one of many Christian coaches who talk the talk but, when the game is on, find it difficult to walk the walk.
Shirl James Hoffman; Greensboro, N.C.

"Multiple division" (March 26)

I am in total agreement with Janie B. Cheaney's concern about radical Islamists overrunning the West. Tragically, we have become so obsessed with being politically correct that we have abandoned our American heritage and bowed to extremist ideologies.
Dale Espy Hicks; Longmont, Colo.

"Paralyzing nobility" (March 26)

The character Javert from Les Miserables seems to personify what this column is about. He pursued Valjean because the rules told him he had to, even though no one seemed to care. He tried to live his entire life without breaking a rule and was unable to show forgiveness or give grace. It's sad when the rules become our god instead of our guidelines.
Dennis Babish; Evansville, Wis.

"Garbage run" (March 26)

The environmental legend that there is an island of garbage in the Pacific Ocean "twice the size of Texas" was recently shown to be a myth by an Oregon State University oceanographer. According to this researcher, the patch of discarded plastic is actually only about 1 percent the size of Texas-still bothersome, but not a doomsday scenario.
Daryl Sas; Beaver Falls, Pa.

"Jujitsu in South Dakota" (March 26)

Referring to an "unanticipated" pregnancy as a "not-so-blessed event" was a poor choice of words. Until we recognize that the creation of an eternal being, a child in the womb, is always a blessed event, abortion will remain.
Joe Marincel; Flower Mound, Texas

"Ice pond" (March 12)

I am a homeschooling mother of five children. This morning I spent my time "getting done" and then hushing playing elementary children so that their high-school siblings could finish their work, and I my checking. During a break I read "Ice pond." Andrée Seu reminded me of an important reason we homeschool, and I cried. Today, I will make eye contact-five times over!
Juli Benco; Prosperity, Pa.


A Japanese bus driver safely delivered all the children on a kindergarten school bus to their homes, some after the quake struck. One of the children was later rescued from the rooftop of a home ("Higher ground," April 9, p. 44).


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