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Issue: "Tick, tick, tick ...," May 7, 2011

"Excellent, not elite" (March 26)

I loved the interview with Andy Crouch. As a stay-at-home mom, it was extremely encouraging to read that moms can be culture-makers. I read Hunter's book last year and it left me flat. He was pretty much telling me I couldn't make an impact unless I was at the heart of a large network or corporation. For 20 years I've been telling my four children to be the best they can be in the areas to which they are called because faithfulness and excellence in large or small pursuits does impact our culture.
Lauren Buescher; Austin, Texas

"Beck, Jesus, and me" (March 26)

This column is a perfect example of why I became a WORLD Mover. When Glenn Beck first aired I enjoyed his no-nonsense approach to the political injustices in Washington but was quickly turned off by his, at times, hopeless negativity. Although his voice has helped awaken America to our godly historical heritage, I wish he would give more credit to God.
Kelly Summers; San Antonio, Texas

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Thank you for once again pointing out that we can trust few people to be fully honest. To have the statement "Nothing works apart from Jesus Christ" stripped from Marvin Olasky's interview shows a basic human problem: We find great difficulty in admitting that fact.
Mark Herndon; Vero Beach, Fla.

Beck is charading as a God-fearing champion for Christians but is obviously deceiving his fans.
Peggy Soneson; Orrington, Maine

I am deeply troubled that few of our churches and evangelical leaders are addressing our rapidly deteriorating moral, economic, and constitutional conditions. We should be thankful that the Lord raised up in Beck an effective spokesman for religious freedom and righteousness. It is time for collaboration rather than criticism, common defense rather than doctrinal debate.
Walter Gramm; Montville, N.J.

"Debtors' helpers" (March 26)

I'm a Financial Peace University coordinator and, contrary to Witherington's criticism, the course spends an entire lesson on "thinking where money comes from and where it is going." It directs people toward the biblical lesson that we are called to be a generous people, seeing wealth not as an entitlement but as an enabler for godly generosity.
Mitchell W. Brown; Medina, Ohio

Thanks for the mention of Dave Ramsey. As for his private company not releasing its financial statements, I would no more expect him to share the details of his business than I would divulge the details of mine.
Andi Michelson; East Sparta, Ohio

As a community bank CEO for many years, I've enjoyed Ramsey and his inspiring message. Unfortunately, he seems a bit blind to some important biblical and economic concepts beyond his "get out of debt"­ message. For example, the micro-lending movement would be impossible in a world without debt. Historically, John Calvin himself was instrumental in teaching that lending at interest for business purposes was not forbidden in Scripture. This revolutionary change helped unleash the gigantic wealth creation of the past few hundred years by putting unproductive resources to use in business enterprises that otherwise would have never obtained enough capital.
Joe Kesler; Missoula, Mont.

"Battle of the bulges" (March 26)

How appropriate to see the articles on the Wisconsin budget battle and financial adviser Dave Ramsey in the same issue. I look forward to the day when I can hear my governor, Scott Walker, call Ramsey's radio show and scream on our behalf, "We're debt free!"
Brian Smith; Evansville, Wis.

"With these cuts, they may die" (March 26)

I agree with this article 100 percent! I am all for cutting spending, lowering our country's debt, and downsizing our government, but let's first cut the things that don't affect the well-being and health of human beings.
Julie Hagen; Bowie, Texas

I have rarely struggled so much while reading an article. My heart hurts for the lives that would be lost if PEPFAR lost even 10 percent of its funding. Yet the federal government cannot afford to continue spending at this rate. Foreign aid should not be a priority and charitable works should be the realm of private individuals. Americans could easily cover the proposed $363 million cuts to PEPFAR. Why don't we?
Melody Nowowiejski; Brownwood, Texas

"Rethinking assumptions" (March 26)

Regarding the call in Iowa for churches and religious groups to step up and care for the needy: There is an Iowa-based program called ATLAS. It helps churches in an area come together to fund a place where people who need help can get it. The vast majority of those who come through the doors do not attend churches. Groups like this are doing some of what Chuck Hurley of the Iowa Family Policy Center referred to. I wonder how these sorts of organizations affect local or state budgets?
Alice Hibma; Minneapolis, Minn.


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