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Issue: "Clutching two, dropping four," April 23, 2011

"The government you won't miss" (March 12)

Thank you for the article on Gov. Daniels of Indiana. Let's see. He is a graduate of Princeton who does not seem to be an elitist; has inside knowledge of the f­ederal government; has run a major business and a state government and is committed to fiscal responsibility; is pro-life and a committed Christian but seems to appeal to all types of people. If he runs for president he is welcome at my home anytime.
Bill Russell; Brighton, Mich.

Dispatches (March 12)

In an item mentioning Harry Reid's early experiences with brothels, you refer to the old expression that prostitution is "the world's oldest profession." Even a cursory reading of Scripture will give numerous other options such as farmer, musician, and hunter.
Janet Miknaitis; Elmhust, Ill.

"Preferred treatment" (Feb. 26)

I'm tired of the GOP getting a pass on their position on education. As architects and supporters of No Child Left Behind, GOP members are complicit in the continued extraconstitutional activities of Congress. If the GOP is earnest about smaller government, it can start with the Department of Education. Eliminating it would save billions of dollars and restore the authority of educational choices to its rightful owners, the people.
J.R. Dray; Monterey, Va.

"Mad mom" (Feb. 26)

I am befuddled by your review of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Its brilliant conclusion is that the Founders were akin to Tiger Mothers. Jefferson, for example, was at his studies for hours per day, including three practicing his violin.
Cathy Lucas; Martinez, Calif.

"Are you bored?" (Feb. 12)

Thank you for touching upon a very common characteristic among teenagers and adults who stay absorbed with themselves. I too rediscovered the awe factor of God's creation when I became a Christian at age 24. As Romans 1 tells us, His invisible attributes, eternal power, and divine nature are clearly seen in what He has made. Eternity will never be boring.
Dave Owens; Owensboro, Ky.

I have often thought that the believers who are most curious, most inquisitive, wonder out loud the best, and enjoy His creation the most are the ones who enjoy Him the best.
Lisa Clark; Greer, S.C.

Will not cancel

You provide news no other source will print and you don't shy away from politically incorrect news. I have several subscriptions to news sources but WORLD is in the "will not cancel" group.
Morton Picklesimer; Anderson, Calif.

"The smell of death and the aroma of Christ" (Jan. 1)

The column about Tom Little and the others who were killed in Afghanistan has been very meaningful to me. This man's sacrifice is an example to all of us comfortable Christians here in the United States, reminding us that Christ is exalted in life and in the death of His humble and serving saints.
Debra Shababy; Hudson, Ohio


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