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Issue: "Clutching two, dropping four," April 23, 2011

"The revival of localism" (March 12)

Your cover story, about a generational thirst for this country's faith-based roots as well as a reverence for God, life, and family, was like a breath of fresh air in a smoke-filled room. Localism is reviving and growing again. People are rediscovering the importance of faith and family as well as the value of good work, good food, and even frugality.
Robert L. Oberst; Syracuse, N.Y.

"Purim in Wisconsin?" (March 12)

Marvin Olasky hit a grand slam with this one! His column is the clearest I have seen on this subject. I am sure the teachers at Manhattan Bible Church ("Concrete purpose," March 12) would love to make half the salaries of the Milwaukee public-school teachers.
Neil Johnston; Grand Prairie, Texas

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Many thanks for this column. The birth of the Ladies' Garment Workers' Union was indeed a welcome change and response to the horror of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. But human greed snatches at every opportunity. The pampered government workers of Wisconsin-and every other state-chant about collective bargaining rights, but this is just a smokescreen to veil the truth of their fat salaries, overstuffed health insurance policies, and pernicious pensions.
Gayle Wood; Middletown, Del.

As a regular WORLD reader and union-represented city worker, I was going to write a lengthy letter questioning Olasky's claim that government workers are in the upper class of U.S. workers. However, I'm too busy searching for a second job (in addition to working 50-hour weeks) to make ends meet and cover the $500 per month fees for health insurance, high taxes, and other deductions to be able to respond.
Jason Hayes; Urbana, Ill.

"Ice pond" (March 12)

This is one of my favorite columns by Andrée Seu. I haven't quite figured out the grandparent-grandchild relationship. It is amazing that God has allowed us to live long enough to hold our child's child. Spoil them? Oh sure, there's some of that. But, like Seu, we have realized the importance of leaving them a spiritual legacy in addition to ice cream, doughnuts, and tea parties.
Richard B. Anderson; Nashville, Tenn.

I am 24 and unmarried. Thank you for reminding me, before I have children of my own, of what is important. I'm trying to put some of these things into practice even now with my younger sisters. The wistfulness in this column is wrenching, but we serve the God of second chances. Every failure given into His hands will indeed be redeemed.
Aurora Firth; Anchor Point, Alaska

I am in the same stage of life as Seu and also struggle with mistakes I have made. I see my grandson in the face and conversation of her lovely granddaughter. Then I hit the trip-line, "I believe everything will be redeemed, even my failures." Thank you for that reminder.
Gail Miloch; Vermontville, Mich.

I heard the sadness about Seu's first son. A paraphrase of an Amish saying is, "We grow old too soon and smart too late." I'm periodically confounded by God's purposes. He makes us parents when we have no experience and little knowledge. By the time we get it figured out, the damage is done. I think He does this just to prove that He can draw a straight line with a crooked stick
David Troupe; Lees Summit, Mo.

"Mat morals" (March 12)

Contrary to popular belief, chivalry is not dead. I commend Joel Northup for his sacrifice in choosing to forfeit a match where he would have had to wrestle a young lady. Joel set a great example. As a 15-year-old male, I find Joel's actions to be valiant.
Ezekiel Willcox; Hutchinson, Kan.

Northup behaved more than wisely. He encouraged me that in this world of "equality," some young men still desire to honor girls by treating them with care and courtesy. When out in public places, it makes my day when guys open the door for me. Unfortunately, that rarely happens.
Greta Turnbull, 17; Wenatchee, Wash.

Quick Takes (March 12)

I was surprised by the short article you had on Montana state Senator Greg Hinkle. As a homeschooling father and dedicated Christian, he has taken the heat on a number of solid Christian bills in the Senate. Of all the worthy bills he has carried, singling him out for national exposure with the title of "Spear Thrower" was not fair.
Russ Wahl; Cut Bank, Mont.

"Optional: a president who upholds the law" (March 12)

Your March 12 articles on President Obama's refusal to defend DOMA, his weakening of federal regulations designed to protect medical personnel who are pro-life ("A step backward"), and his 2012 budget proposal that includes record spending in a time of enormous deficits ("Shutdown showdown") are indeed frightening. Is this the change we were looking for? Now we all face a very chaotic future.
Frank Nolton; Woodbridge, Calif.


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