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"Quick Takes" Continued...

Issue: "Libyan exodus," March 26, 2011

Prize fight

Two prospective thieves got more than they bargained for when they tried to hold up a 62-year-old Swede named Rolf Klasson in Lidkoping, Sweden. Despite requiring the use of a rolling walker, Klasson, a former boxer, was confident the two assailants had failed in choosing a victim. "I said to them, 'This isn't going to go well,'" Klasson told the Expressen newspaper. Despite the warning, the two young men-including one armed with a knife-pressured the aging boxer to give up his wallet as he stood next to an ATM. But before they could attack, Klasson KO'd the knife-wielding thief with a right hook. Klasson then completed the combination, repelling the second perp with a left jab. "They came after the wrong guy," he said.

Garbage run

Forget a pleasure cruise to the Mediterranean coast or even Alaska. For $10,000, the Algalita Marine Research Foundation-an environmentalist group-is offering close to a dozen spots on a three-week cruise to the Pacific Ocean's garbage dump. The working voyage will leave port in Hawaii in early July and sail directly for a human-created maritime anomaly known as the Pacific Trash Vortex, a place about twice the size of Texas where ocean currents deposit all types of debris left in the Pacific Ocean. Russell McLendon, a science editor with the environmentalist website Mother Nature, described the trash vortex as "a galaxy of garbage, populated by billions of smaller trash islands that may be hidden underwater or spread out over many miles."


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