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Issue: "Upside down," April 9, 2011

"No left turn" (Feb. 26)

I enjoyed this column. I am a high-school student and involved in Live Action, the advocacy group that Lila Rose started. This fight is so important, and reminding others of the power and determination that we, the young evangelicals of America, possess is so important.
Daniel Ruggles; San Jose, Calif.

"Dotes & goats" (Feb. 26)

Ease up on Big Ben. The guy has led his team to two Super Bowl championships and three AFC championships. I would classify all those as "big games." It's OK to dote on Aaron Rodgers. The guy played an incredible game. But others besides Roethlisberger could share the blame for that loss.
Frank Sirianni III; Fort Myers, Fla.

"Risking deadly diseases" (Feb. 12)

As a pediatrician, I have concerns about the rate of vaccine refusal within the Christian community. We must be careful not to create church communities that are largely vaccine-free. Serious, vaccine-preventable diseases usually raise their ugly heads in such close communities. Immunizations are a practical way for us to "look out for the interests of others" in love, especially our infants and chronically ill church-goers, both young and old.
James R. Weidner; Haddonfield, N.J.

I have a child with autism. Many times since his official diagnosis (and a few before it) I have wondered about the routine childhood vaccinations he received. I do not agree that the vaccines do not play a part in causing autism. Research needs to continue to keep all our kids safe from both deadly diseases and life-altering disorders such as autism. We owe our children no less.
Melinda Johnson; Burlington, Wash.

"The seduction of Andrée Seu" (Feb. 12)

I'm a retired film professor. I saw Dr. Zhivago when it first came out and still remember it vividly. I, like Seu, was seduced. Her analysis was excellent and helped me remember that the film was not a revelation of truth but a manipulation of it. The film was certainly a great artistic achievement, but art that promotes a lie is still evil. Even many Christians in the art community fail to see that art is a means, not an end.
Tom Nash; Huntington Beach, Calif.

"Foreign aid bust" (Feb. 12)

Thank you for the articles on Haiti this year. They are generally well done and insightful. I must, however, disagree with the assessment of Jean Claude Duvalier. I lived in Haiti during most of the reigns of François and Jean Claude Duvalier and they were very different. François (Papa Doc) was indeed, especially in the early years, a brutal dictator. He did, however, provide stability and security. He also was friendly to Christian missionaries, opening the doors for rapid church growth. Jean Claude (Baby Doc) was a reluctant, reclusive ruler and a reformer. I would not support Jean Claude returning to power in Haiti, but I do understand why he still has many supporters.
Jerry Miel; Tucson, Ariz.


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