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Issue: "Libyan exodus," March 26, 2011

"Bubble rubble" (Feb. 12)

Your graphic showing the impact of the real estate debacle on small business is by far the most informative I have seen anywhere. I especially appreciated the easily understood statistics. Thanks.
Phil Harper; Murfreesboro, Tenn.

"Red zone defense" (Jan. 29)

It was almost astounding to see how many states have 20 or fewer abortion providers. Props to the medical professionals who will not abort. With the right people standing up for pro-life causes, America may one day become a pro-life country.
Paige McGoldrick, 17; Clinton Twp., Mich.

"Clash of civilizations" (Jan. 29)

Thank you for Mindy Belz's outspoken article on extremist Islam. The mainstream media have so twisted the true meaning of tolerance, diversity, and multiculturalism that they no longer have a moral basis from which to judge ideologies that are healthy from those that enslave people. The mantra that "all cultures are equally valid and welcomed" will destroy us if there are not enough people like Belz who will shout the warnings from the housetops.
Rick Ross; Owosso, Mich.

"A better way" (Jan. 29)

The Manhattan Declaration is offensive to some because it proclaims the sanctity of life, marriage, and religious freedom instead of the personal freedom and progress of man. Joel Belz is on track to avoid the boycott and affirm the grace. The bigger issue behind all the social issues is that we need God to be truly free, which of course is the declaration of the gospel.
David Massee; Germantown, Tenn.

If nothing else, the furor caused by Apple's decision to remove the Manhattan Declaration app has been a tool to publicize it. As a result of the negative reaction, I have read, signed, and posted the website on my Facebook wall. Thank you for such a stirring article.
Marcia Riggs; LaFargeville, N.Y.

Rational reporting

On a regular basis I read several magazines that present a variety of perspectives on current issues. I have been very pleased to find in WORLD rational, balanced reporting from a Christian worldview that does not resort to bashing the opposition or using hot-button buzz words. Magazines should not require emotional haranguing to draw followers.
Jean Nelson; El Cajon, Calif.


Reigning champion Lance Mackey attempts to win his fifth consecutive Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race when it begins on March 5. The space shuttle Discovery launched Feb. 24 with Endeavor scheduled to lift off in April and Atlantis in June (Looking Ahead, Feb. 26, p. 6).

Howard Green of the Green Bay Packers hit Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's arm on a play that led to an interception returned for a touchdown in Super Bowl XLV ("Dotes & goats," Feb. 26, p. 66).

Legislative director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Charlene Bashore is a woman ("Red zone defense," Jan. 29, p. 39).


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