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Issue: "Libyan exodus," March 26, 2011

"Dawn of a new day?" (Feb. 12)

Mindy Belz describes the situation in South Sudan very well, and her conclusions surely are correct. However, I trembled a little at the statement that the region will need assistance and "the Obama administration should provide it." It would be better for South Sudan if less direct government "help" were provided and there were more smaller, non­governmental initiatives. As your cover story on Haiti reports ("Foreign aid bust," Feb. 12), government help is generally slow and even hinders private aid.
Katrin van der Vaart; Annandale, Va.

Thank you for Belz's continued work over the years bringing these terrible needs in South Sudan and elsewhere into our protected lives here in the United States. As a former fighter pilot, I thought I had seen my share of misery and despair. Yet when I saw the image of the dying little girl, I broke into tears.
Robert Finlayson; Huntingtown, Md.

"Are you bored?" (Feb. 12)

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I loved Janie Cheaney's column about boredom. I too recovered my sense of wonder as a young adult with the renewal of my relationship with the Lord. God is not dull.
Pamela Kafka; Clarksboro, N.J.

Our children are very prone to bringing up the subject of boredom. My husband and I feel that their lives of high-tech toys and movies have set them up for boredom. God's world is amazing, and you have helped us remind our children of the fact.
Damia Cleaver; Denton, Texas

Thirty years ago, during a not-so-content time in my life, I mentioned to my psychologist that I felt bored. Without hesitation, she said, "Feeling bored means you aren't getting what you want." I haven't been bored since, and this knowledge has helped me in guiding my children over the years.
Mike Sheaffer; Farmers Branch, Texas

"The seduction of Andrée Seu" (Feb. 12)

Brilliantly conceived and written piece by Andrée Seu. I recalled how I had the same response watching Doctor Zhivago. Our youth are now having parallel experiences when they watch the television program Glee, which is carefully crafted to desensitize viewers to immorality and even to question biblical definitions of perversion.
Jann Cantrell; Denton, Texas

I shook my head, with sorry recognition, at the recollection of being seduced by the producers of The Bridges of Madison County. Who of us, even against our new nature in Christ, rooted for anyone but the bored housewife?
Elaine Neumeyer; Big Canoe, Ga.

Doctor Zhivago played for a whole year at the Coed Theater at Champaign, Ill., the leading student theater at the University of Illinois, in 1968. In the previous year The Sound of Music also played for a whole year. Those two movies showed the change in thinking in America occurring at that time.
Malcolm Kinsinger; Washington, Ill.

"Risking deadly diseases" (Feb. 12)

One of the barriers to protecting our children from preventable childhood diseases is often irrational fear. The child in the illustration is being threatened with at least 15 ml of some yellow liquid through a very large needle. As a physician, I have found that shots are hard enough to encourage without scaring parents with grossly exaggerated pictures.
Terry Ruhl; Altoona, Pa.

We are one of those homeschooling families that have forgone vaccinations. The only vaccinations I had as a child were for polio and smallpox. All three of our children have had mumps and measles and all are still kicking. I have witnessed children suffer ill effects after vaccinations, and something is not right with that.
Forrest J. Parker; Galveston, Texas

As a physician, I feel the main reason that parents don't immunize their kids is that, because of immunizations, we have become insulated from the once-common reality of children dying from preventable disease.
Rick Tormohlen; Aurora, Colo.

"Worthless" (Feb. 12)

This is the most heart-wrenching article I've read in recent memory. So sad!
Gus Espino; Bradenton, Fla.

Quick Takes (Feb. 12)

My 8-year-old son was just lamenting to me that he does not want to grow up, mainly because he "wouldn't be able to play Legos anymore." I told him that growing up didn't necessarily mean he would have to give up Legos, and your piece about Mr. Janssen's Buckeye Stadium replica really encouraged him.
Amy Punkay; Baton Rouge, La.

"Sacred Fire fight" (Feb. 12)

I appreciate WORLD for many reasons, and your review of Dr. Lillback's outstanding book proved to be another excellent example of why. Lillback is a quality person and scholar, and people like him are a credit to the cause of Christ.
Dwayne Frank; Cedarville, Ohio


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