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Issue: "The rise of localism," March 12, 2011

"Grace and dignity" (Jan. 29)

I stumbled upon Downton Abbey and am following the series with my 19-year-old daughter, so I appreciated Megan Basham's cogent observations. Having grown up in a household heavily influenced by an English immigrant, I find laugh-out-loud moments in each episode.
Carolyn Schlicher; Elizabethtown, Pa.

"'Tis the season" (Jan. 29)

This article was a gruesome reminder of our Christmas Eve in 2001 in Jakarta, Indonesia. There were 38 bombs in 10 cities with 14 killed and 138 injured. Where are the equal rights to practice one's religion in these Islamic or Islamic-majority countries?
Neil Johnston; Grand Prairie, Texas

"Life briefs" (Jan. 29)

I was a bit distressed to see the phrase "death panels" in this article. As a strongly pro-life physician, I often help families work through very difficult decisions. Too often, families are paralyzed because they and their loved ones have never had a frank discussion about end-of-life wishes. The so-called "death panel" provision would only compensate (and thus encourage) physicians to have discussions about these difficult decisions with their patients before they actually get sick. It has nothing to do with rationing care.
Aubrey Tell; Greenwood, S.C.

"The anti-bully pulpit" (Jan. 29)

Janie Cheaney quotes the definition of harassment in the Clementi Act as any action that "'limits' a student's educational opportunity or creates 'a hostile or abusive educational environment.'" This definition would apply to atheist and liberal professors who bully Christian or conservative students. The anti-bully czars will have to work overtime to explain why it does not apply in these instances but does in others.
David Tyson; Broomall, Pa.

"Cam can" (Jan. 29)

I was saddened to see WORLD drag out a decade-old story on Eugene Robinson and not follow up with God's work in his life over the past 10 years. He made a grave error, but Christianity is a story of redemption. He currently coaches three sports at Charlotte Christian School and is a tremendous role model for hundreds of young athletes. We are proud to stand with him.
Barry Giller, Charlotte Christian School; Charlotte, N.C.

"Another new NIV?" (Jan. 1)

Used to reinforce gender equality without regard for the original text, gender-neutral language deserves the contempt it sparks from lovers of truth. But if careful scholarship breaches the hull of time-honored but inaccurate translations, let us find the deepest place in the ocean and scuttle away!
Patricia Melzer; Milford, Pa.


Peter Lillback and Jerry Newcombe are the co-authors of George Washington's Sacred Fire (Sacred Fire fight," Feb. 12, p. 31).


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