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Issue: "After the revolution," Feb. 26, 2011

"Tron: Legacy" (Jan. 15)

I had to groan when Rebecca Cusey stated that the reason to see Tron: Legacy "is for the experience. Lights flash. Radiating discs hurl through the air in 3D. The music pounds. In the end, you're left exhausted and satisfied." I couldn't help but draw the parallels to Huxley's Brave New World, in which people regularly go for entertainment to "the feelies," sensational movies designed to satisfy the viewer with experience, not substance. In the end, the Savage says, "You're . . . making works of art out of practically nothing but pure sensation. It all seems to me quite horrible."
Stephanie Webb; Plymouth, Ind.

"The pilgrim's progress" (Jan. 15)

The three wishes Andrée Seu suggested for the new year resonated with me. I've already begun to pray over each of them.
Megan Centers; Tallahassee, Fla.

Quotables (Jan. 15)

The comic implying new House Speaker John Boehner cries too easily is ill-conceived and insensitive. Anyone who does not become emotional about some things (especially patriotism or the achievement of a long-sought goal) should check his pulse. Thank goodness that Boehner does not control his emotions like an actor. We already have quite enough of those in Washington.
Don Crawford; Kirksville, Mo.

"Remaking a religion" (Jan. 15)

Daniel Pipes suggests that yes, we should install faucets at airports to accommodate Muslim cab drivers. He compared it to establishing houses of worship, but I don't think that is a reasonable comparison. If a cab driver needs water for ritual washing, he can carry a couple of gallons in his vehicle. He must not expect support for personal rituals to be integrated into society's infrastructure.
Brian Schwartz; Portland, Ore.

"Not getting any younger" (Jan. 15)

While I heartily agree that the retirement age must rise now (this Gen Xer plans on working to at least 72), I still think that we need to increase immigration, a fundamental part of the building of this country. Perhaps fertility rates are falling in Mexico, but there are many other "prospects" in India, China, Africa, and elsewhere. A collaboration between industry and government would help both by drawing new talent for industry and new taxpayers for the government.
Kirk Vogt; Simpsonville, S.C.

Dispatches (Jan. 15)

Your brief item mentions Chatroulette as "the dubious and random video-chatting website." I must say that "dubious" is far too mild a description. It is quite simply "pornographic." Everyone I know who has gone to this site (children and adults) has been exposed to nudity and inappropriate sexual activity. How sad that it is such a popular site.
Beth Littlejohn; Blowing Rock, N.C.

"Long hours and little thanks" (Dec. 18)

You mentioned Dr. Roland Stevens, a surgeon working in Zimbabwe at the Karanda Mission Hospital. We just visited this amazing hospital with a team from our church. We saw Jesus in the AIDS wards, in the children's ward, in the faces of every caregiver. We are not the same.
Ken & Bonnie Pavkov; Pittstown, N.J.


Genesis 2:24 establishes marriage as the foundation of civil society ("A vanishing breed," Jan. 15, p. 20).


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