Aid in action

"Aid in action" Continued...

Issue: "After the revolution," Feb. 26, 2011

Luisfils Molisin is accustomed to lengthy ordeals: To reach the home of the 45-year-old father of seven, visitors must wade across a river and cut through a field of tall corn. Near a tarnished pot over an open fire for outdoor cooking, Molisin talks about his role as president of a savings group that meets at a local church. Members of the group learn about how to live in relation to God, themselves, and the community-even in the uncertainties of Haitian life: "I've learned that prayer is the key."

(Paul Vital, pastor of the local church, says Haitians need more biblical teaching about finances. Vital says though some locals originally thought they might get outside aid from the effort, he's now seen the reverse: Church members' giving has increased.)

On a rocky hillside outside of town, Jean Mack operates an outdoor bakery, producing basketfuls of bread each day in a large, brick oven. Mack says his ability to buy flour and produce bread has increased since he started saving. So has his confidence: "Before this I was nothing." Mack says he enjoys his savings group, but not just because of the financial teaching: "They show me how to live in the community."

Mack shows his appreciation for community when a visitor asks to buy bread before leaving. The baker proudly wraps two dense triangles of bread in a crisp sheet of paper, and smiles broadly as he presents the gift: "From me."

Jamie Dean
Jamie Dean

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