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Issue: "Between Hell and Hope," Feb. 12, 2011

A big headache

By allegedly trying quietly and painlessly to avoid a medicine recall, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has caused a self-induced headache. Oregon Attorney General John Kroger filed a lawsuit against the company on behalf of the state claiming that the drug-maker discovered in 2008 that some supplies of Motrin sold in gas stations and convenience stores did not dissolve properly. But Kroger says that instead of recalling the drug-and possibly creating a national panic-Johnson & Johnson hired contractors to go to every store that sold the defective products and buy every bottle off the shelf. According to the State of Oregon, the company missed more than 787 bottles of the defective pain reliever on shelves in the state, opening the company up to fines that could exceed $19 million.

Not so Niceville

A 911 operator in Niceville, Fla., got a call from a local 4-year-old boy who made an unusual request. The child claimed his father had "been very bad" and wanted the 911 operator to write a note to Santa Claus for him detailing his father's deeds. When asked by the operator what the father had done, the boy said, "When you're bad you get a big rock and you have to put it under your house." The operator sent an officer to the home as a precaution and found no problems.


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