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Issue: "Between Hell and Hope," Feb. 12, 2011

"Pushing back gently" (Dec. 18)

I personally struggle in dealing gently with people and I really appreciated Janie B. Cheaney's inspiring words.
Natalie Rhea Fox; Fargo, N.D.

"Treading carefully" (Dec. 18)

I watched The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and exited the theater with a completely different conclusion than Megan Basham. The movie strayed so far from basic plot-lines, dialogue, and places that I couldn't help feeling ripped off. Walden Media threw away the chance to make a great film out of a great story.
Korey Anna Hehn; Prineville, Ore.

The author's treatment of the Narnia movies reveals how fussy Christians can be. I don't think any of the truth of Lewis' message is lost in the subtle changes made transitioning the story to the screen. Let's champion the efforts of those making strides in Christian filmmaking instead of nitpicking.
Julie Schuerger; Albany, Ore.

"Deeds done in darkness" (Nov. 20)

The persecution of Christians in the Muslim world is not the failure of the Obama administration only but also of the Bush administration and others. Democrats and Republicans need to repent of this travesty, and we need to speak up on rights not only in Muslim nations but also China, North Korea, and Sudan.
David Junker; Mitoyo, Japan

Stories like this should be more widespread so Christians living in safer parts of the world can pray for the persecuted as they should. Today there is suffering, but soon the Lord will comfort His own.
Michael Strauss; Dingman's Ferry, Pa.

I am greatly offended by how little attention the media give to Christians being persecuted and killed. Thank you for your article and attention.
Jim Hollister; Doniphan, Neb.


The correct dates for the obituaries in "Departures" (Jan. 1, p. 72-84) are as follows: Nov. 4 for Sparky Anderson, Jan. 16 for Glen Bell, Oct. 27 for Denise Borino-Quinn, April 1 for John Forsythe, Nov. 2 for Andy Irons, Aug. 13 for Edwin Newman, Aug. 24 for Elizabeth Post, Jan. 17 for Erich Segal, Jan. 22 for Jean Simmons, Aug. 9 for Ted Stevens, and June 4 for John Wooden.

Clarke Forsythe is the name of the attorney interviewed from Americans United for Life (Jan. 29, p. 30).

The King's Speech (Dec. 4, p. 25) is rated R due to swearing to overcome stuttering.


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