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Issue: "Babies are back," Jan. 29, 2011

"Called to a community" (Dec. 4)

Timothy Dalrymple expressed my heart and passion much better than I could have. I appreciated the tough lesson that "when we joined together for the fellowship and worship and service . . . we were already living the life for which we were designed." His question of whether "our calling to particular careers trumped everything else" struck me in the chest. Having recently graduated from college, I have been looking for local church jobs while not wanting to take my wife and myself away from the church we have come to cherish.
Joshua Burba; Nashville, Tenn.

As a college student I too regarded my vocation as something that would begin later in life. Now as an inmate in a maximum security prison, "trapped in a kind of endless present," God has brought me and a small band of Christian brothers to discover the "four walls of our new freedom." Thank you for the column that put this amazing reality into words.
Edward Brown; Menard, Ill.

"Deep or broad?" (Dec. 4)

My vote: Do both. Keep going deep and have articles that are attractive to seekers. It's almost like preaching Christ. We can never have too much of Him and He is food for the seeker and the one who has long rested his soul in Him. WORLD helps shape my worldview, providing philosophical perspectives and facts that help me view life more biblically or challenge me to do so.
Steve Burlingham; Fair Oaks, Calif.

"Working for good" (Dec. 4)

I very much appreciate how Tony Woodlief addressed careers in the church in a new way. Most job advice in the church seems to be, "Stop complaining and be joyful." It seems we have a generation of men who are discouraged, feeling emasculated because their "secular" work is not affirmed, or, just as bad, they never pursue the way God created them to live.
Brad Norcross; Waco, Texas

Quick Takes (Dec. 4)

So President Obama sent a comforting letter to a woman who lost her job, and she sold it for $7,000? There, a new government benefit program for the unemployed that costs the taxpayer only the price of stationery and stamps! Some economist would no doubt argue that flooding the mail with these letters will devalue them. Nonsense. It's just another form of "quantitative easing," a financial policy the Obama administration clearly backs.
Russell Board; Saitama, Japan

"Never let me go" (Oct. 9)

Thanks very much to Sam Thielman for his movie review of Never Let Me Go. Because of it I read the book instead of watching the movie. The book is indeed a masterpiece, one that left me feeling chilled and aching on the inside for our broken world.
Meredith McLinden; Colorado Springs, Colo.

"Daniel of the year" (Dec. 18)

We've been friends with Dr. Richard Bransford and his wife for 30 years. We just visited them in Kenya this fall. If the 2011 editions of WORLD magazine were completely devoted to testimonials, there would not be enough space to hold all the letters from people whom Dick and Millie have impacted.


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